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Digital Delay Effect Pedal

Sep 13th, 2006 10:25:54 pm - Subscribe


Technical Parameter
Power supply: 9 V(6LR61) /9 V 500mA Adapter
Current draw: DC9V
Input Impedance: 470
Output Impedance: Over 10
Parts and functions
1, E.LEVEL the adjustment of volume(delay effect) Volume increases with rotate clockwise,conversely,volume decreased
2, F.BACK the adjustment of feedback(delay effect) Feedback increases with rotate clockwise,conversely, feedback decreased
3, D.Time the adjustment of delay time
Delay time increases with rotate clockwise ,conversely,delay time decreased
4, Mode Selection:
A) S.50ms band: delay time from 12.5 to 50ms
B) M.200ms band: delay time from 50ms to 200ms
C) L.1000ms band: delay time from 200 to 1000ms
D) Hold button: repeat the delay signal unlimited

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