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Wuhan Daphon Electronic Co.,Ltd

Sep 13th, 2006 10:17:39 pm - Subscribe

Wuhan Daphon Electronic Co.,Ltd is a well established company specializing in the design,development and manufacture of innovate musical instrument accessories products. Our products cover guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers,keyboard amplifiers,multifunctional amplifiers,guitar effects,guitar effects.guitar and bass tuners,Pedals etc.

Daphon Electronic provides full back-up services for all OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacture ) and ODM (Original Design Manufacture ) . These services include design and development support , full assembly , packaging and logistic responsibilities . We are able to meet customers' specific requirements .

Research and Development Capability
In our R & D department , we aim to be innovative and to be able to assist our customers in achieving products which have market demands . our technicians are experienced and highly professional in the music industry .
Quality and Reliability Assurance
Daphon Electronic has set a high standard of quality and reliability in our products .

All products are individually tested by calibrated equipment . our manufactured products have to pass a high standard of quality control and conform to international regulations and standards.

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