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0_0 ...But midnight didn\'t seem to matter... - Subscribe
It did today. Man we had fun at Matt's. That was a rockin' time. I danced to the first 12:01 of 2005. It was great. And I knew... somewhere... Jaemo was dancing too... lol.

Today I drove for at least an hour total.. I think I'm ready for my liscence... I need to fill out that application for my job... haha. doncha know.

I gotta get up early tomorrow... *tear* I really don't want to go back to school on Monday... I want to sleep sooo bad.

Well, I'm off to eat something. I want pizza... *stomach grumbles* yumm

0_0 And what do you like on your pizza? Monday, January 03, 2005. (07:24 pm) - Subscribe

You bet wink.gif

I came home early from my first day back at school sad.gif I wasn't too sad about that, except that I felt like crap, lol. But I called my mom and she made me feel better grin.gif She's coming home on Wednesday, I CAN'T WAIT!! 11 days is too long to be without her...

So I'm praying that if God has another one of *those* dreams waiting for me tonight, that at least I'll be able to know what it means, and be able to go to sleep after I wake up from it at 5:00... *cough cough*

Well, I'm out..
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0_0 \"The snowless Pennsylvania winter of 2005\" Thursday, January 13, 2005. (04:01 pm) - Subscribe
Yes ladies and germs, you heard right... January (in PA) and it STILL has not snowed. I think perhaps God forgot it's supposed to snow in winter and be cold.
But in reality... I think God is just giving me a taste of summer again, because I need it so badly. I feel like winter is a small box that keeps me trapped inside, and I'm not free to do anything. No windows open at night to be awakened by a cool morning breeze filling my room, no campfires at youth group, none of all the other awesome possum summer stuff that goes on. But today was like the lid of the box came off just a little bit so that I could get a breath of fresh air before going under again. It's been rather nice.
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