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miranda Leaving Aeonity - Subscribe

In the efforts of finding a blog that is more suited to my needs, I'm moving away from Aeonity.

You can now find me at my new-look blog
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Miranda TUI... (Typing Under The Influence) AGAIN! Jul 7th, 2006 8:58:33 am - Subscribe
Why do I always seem to remember I need to update my blog when I've had a couple? I'm currently on bundy number 2. grin.gif

I am currently typing 19 to the dozen ( I really don't get that statement, but it means a lot!) to Nathan, who isn't even replying, I'm just chatty right now. He's also the only one talking to me.

In other news, it appears I may have gotten a job. I had a second-round interview for a call centre on Tuesday, and they said they'd call by Close of Business on Wed evening. No call on my mobile. (and even though they had the wrong mobile number, I had ensured they had the correct one) thus, Wed evening I was feeling a bit miserable and a little surprised, being as I felt pretty confident about the whole interview.

Tonight, I am told... AFTER business hours they called the home phone on Wed and left a message for me. I listened to said message, and it means I may actually have a job! (yn)... which won't work in this, because (yn) is the symbol for fingers crossed in MSN.

So yay for that! I could so use some decent cash right now. Everything is just too expensive to consider really.

I had another singing lesson on Tuesday, and Daniel has given me "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones, which makes me happy. I love that song, and jazzy stuff just makes me right at home. Apparently Pa (my grandad) used to play Jazz for me when I was very small, which would explain my natural comfort in Jazz & blues

Anyhows, I'm finding typing entirely too hard so I'm off, and will let you know what happens when I call them back!

Love yas!

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Miranda A retraction to my last entry Jun 28th, 2006 10:28:15 am - Subscribe
Ok, not going to bed just yet. Also decided not to make the last blog private. Only others with aeonity accounts can see it, and only Fungus has one.

Speaking of Fungus, he's not as lousy and horrible as I made out. Here's why.

1) He loves me and I am the first girl he has ever really loved.

2) He accepts me as me. He's never asked me to change anything about me.

3) He's caring. From heating my heat pack when my neck hurts, to holding my hair back when I vomit (I had gastro people... nothing else) he's always looking after me.

4) Just one look from him can make me feel like the only girl in the whole world.

5) He's beautiful. He's got beautiful blue-grey eyes, and a gorgeous smile. The rest of him isn't bad either.

6) He's always so gentle. But never gentle enough to make me feel smothered or too babied.

7) He's funny. He provides endless laughter for me, even if it is AT him at times.

8 ) He likes music. This is a very important factor people. Better yet, he likes most of my music, and has introduced me to heaps of other great music I'd never heard before.

9) He's warm. There's nothing like his cuddles.

10) He has the best kisses in the world. I like to call them lovely kisses. Not too wet, not too dry.

11) He snuggles me in bed, even when he doesn't like sleeping on his right, where I lie.

12) He snuggles me in the morning, so I always wake up in his arms.

13) He's generous. He's taken me out for dinner, even though he couldn't really afford it.

14) He's thoughtful. He knows just what would make me happy, even if it's only little.

15) He always wants to know how my day has gone, and is genuinely interested.

16) He knows how to deal with me when I cry. Not many people can do that. I will kill the next person who says "it's ok" or "don't cry"

17) He calls me his. I love being his.

18 ) He wants to marry me one day. I couldn't imagine life without him.

19) He's proud to introduce me to his friends and family. Even if I'm not religious.

20) He has a million little nicknames for me.

21) He puts up with my little nicknames for him. Even Possum, Chook and Buggerbrains. Even infront of his friends.

22) He teaches me. I don't know a lot about music, or cars, or computers. And still he is patient and explains.

23) He doesn't make me feel stupid. Even if I don't know much about the topic.

24) He puts up with me and my mood swings. I can be horrible at times.

There are a million other reasons why I love him. From the backrubs and head massages to the driving me to the hospital at 4am when I was sick, but the most important reason by far:

25) He's my Fungus and I love him.
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Miranda An almost serious update Jun 28th, 2006 10:11:24 am - Subscribe
And again, I'm late in my "weekly" update. At least I think I'm late. Still, these updates are more frequent than usual.

I'm still doing this horrible jobsearch thing, which I have to do to keep getting paid. I applied for 8 jobs today so I am quite proud of myself.

I also had an interview for a call centre on Tuesday. I wasn't brilliant, but I was better than some of the others. And as Nath says: To escape the fiery dragon, one does not need to run as fast as one on horseback, one must simply run faster than the dwarf Or something like that anyway. I have no idea where he got that from. Also there was somethign slightly 'ick' feeling about the call centre. Just put me off and made me feel uneasy. Like the job interview in 04 when I was sick and the guy reminded me of my friend's abusive stepdad.

I am hoping to get anything that doesn't involve too much travel and I don't haev to dress too nice for. I also want decent-ish pay. Which isn't too hard. Call Centre pay is $15-$20 p/h as a rule.

I have also decided it's time I got my Learner's. As of 2007 they're bringing new rules and shit in, and I don't want that crap. As it is I will have to have my P's for 4 years unless I can get my L's and then my P's before 2007. Which... means I would have to get my L's tomorrow and my P's in December. Not likely.

The Iris boys have set a date and time for their next LAN, so if you're gamer in the Melbourne area, check it out!

Onto my actual inspiration for blogging, I can't believe I never mentioned it before. My littlest bro is in all kinds of shit. Multiple charges of car theft, riding in stolen cars, breaking & entering, vandalism, and arson. Some of it sounds a bit harsh, he wasn't actually the one who lit the fire, but he was there. Not sure how they're sticking him with arson on that one, but anyway. He has also broken his bail conditions 3 or 4 times, and lied to the police, and thus is being held in remand until his trail late July.

At this place there is an automatic allowed visitors list. Other people can be added or whatever, but the list is mum, dad, my other bro and me. Anyways, mum went in and saw him, she says he's doing ok, but she's hinting she wants ME to go visit. We haven't gotten on since he was like 3. Not to mention he doesn't really like me that much or listen to me either. Why would I want to go?

Not to mention the fact that the place is actually a juvenile prison. I don't really fancy that either. At the same time, mum seems to think he'd like it, and I think she'd like it if I went... maybe I'll go in with her this weekend or something. Wait no $$. Damn centrelink cheques being so tiny.

Grr... that reminds me. Ryan is still out of work too. Which, ya know, that happens. I've been out of work longer than him. But I went on Centrelink about a month after. And he was still working then. He won't go on Centrelink, and truth be told is not trying THAT hard to get a job. I mean he's looking, but he is being picky, and only occasionally getting work from his dad. At least he was earning more when he was supporting me. It's getting fucking hard.

I just wish he'd at least go on Centrelink for a bit, that way it wouldn't be so shit. Especially with the car rego due soon, the gearbox/clutch going, it needing a service and new tyres. I can't fund all of that. Not to mention we have't paid Julia rent in months.

I know Centrelink sucks. I'm on it for fucksake and giving up half my days for their silly jobsearch bullshit just to keep getting paid. I know it sucks, and they have too many forms and too much stuffing around. But at least it's SOMETHING. We can't keep surviving on just over $300 a fortnight.

Ironically enough when Fungus was working (for about twice what I get now) and I wasn't on Centrelink, EVERYONE was pressuring me to go back with Centrelink, even though I really didn't want to for the same reasons he doesn't. All he has to do is say "I don't want to" and everyone shuts up. Why the double standards people? Is it not as hard on me to be the sole income as it was on Ryan? Isn't it doing the same things to me as it was to Ryan? Goddamit!

For chrissakes I'm earning less. More shit needs to be paid for and soon than it did a few months ago too.

Anyways I'm just bitching now. I think I need to remind Ryan of some of this stuff. I know he doesn't often read my blog, and besides it would be mean for him to read it here without me telling him. Hmm... thinking I might make this one private... A lil too personal really.

Hmm... anyways I'm off to bed.

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Miranda More Things I Have Learned Jun 18th, 2006 11:55:08 am - Subscribe

I have learned....

Never sit on the toilet with your bag still on your shoulder. Especially when the straps make the bag hang at your butt level. You will sit on the bag instead of the toilet seat, lose your balance and fall off.

Never google Disney Porn and then find you're so curious about Jasmine and Ariel getting it on you have to go to the site to find out more. You will get some stupid spyware and have to reload windows to get rid of it.

Never fall asleep on someone else's bed. No matter how tired or drunk you are, or if the bed is a matress on your bedroom floor, and the person whose bed it is is currently awake and occupying your bed. They will be mean and poke you in the head until you move when they want sleep.

Never keep two mice in a cage who fight all the time, even if it is funny to watch one try and have gay sex with the other. The amorous mouse will eventually get the shit kicked out of him.*

I have also learned:

Tequila is yummy, particularly with Lemonade. Would be great with a twist of lime too.

Go prepared to Redrum gigs so that when people love the boys so much they want to Download Thier Original Songs you don't have to give the URL out on crappy peices of paper torn off the used song lists.

Always check your HTML code before posting. I have and turns out I would have had to fix it. Thankyou to the poster a while ago who told me the correct code!

1/4 to 3 in the morning is a bad time to write a blog. Your brain will be too tired to function correctly and you will find you have lapses in brain activity where you stare and the computer screen aimlessly.

Well... at least I learned some useful things this week! happy.gif

Miranda xoxo

*Lars was bitten a few times on his front legs and back. He looked to have quite a lot of blood on his fur, but when i was holding him nothing seemed to be too sore or still bleeding. He is recovering in a separate cage and seems to be his usual cheeky self. Dimebag is uninjured and seems relieved not to have to constantly defend himself from Lars' advances.

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Miranda Weekly Update Jun 16th, 2006 8:15:15 am - Subscribe
Well... so far I've already forgotten to update in time. Only by one day ago admittedly, but even still... this is why I don't make New Year's Resolutions.

Truth be told, I looked at it a couple of days ago, and really had nothing to say, but seeing as I had a little while to spare, I decided to wait.

What's new?

I reloaded WinXP into my comp. Finally got rid of the spyware... that's what you get for googling Disney Porn, it now runs beautifully. I have half a mind to call the computer Alice. I don't know why, but every comp mum has had was named, and I feel I should name my computer. Alice, Ella or Elsie or something like that. Actually... not Ella, that was one of my mice.

I want to get some girl mice too, and put them in the other cage, named Violet and Sasha. I don't know why, but it suits them. Which is odd seeing as I haven't even met these mice. I like to name things in case you hadn't noticed.

I've finally decided on the design for my tattoo. It's a Southern Cross on my ankle, which I've probably said before, but have never got around to getting. Now Ryan has photshopped on the design and I can see it better than my wobbly drawings on, and I LOVE IT manies!

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with mum, she needs to pick up her new glasses, and I want to try and convince her she needs a new mobile. Hers cuts out after a few seconds. the last time she called me we spoke for 39 seconds... in two calls. A phone like mine Nokia 1110, is like $60 now or something, which isn't bad. She'd have to changer her number, but she's done that like 3 times already so it wouldn't be a big deal for her. I meanwhile, HATE havign to change my number, I have so many people in my phone book, that I only have mobiles for.

After that is my old choir committee meeting, I'm not in the choir anymore, but I'm still on the committee until it is reformed, at the end of the year. Which I can live with, I'd better just show up for at least one meeting though.

Then the Redrum Boys have a gig int he evening. It's a friend of Tim's dad or soemthing, but a gig's a gig, and they'll always need a fantastic roadie/photographer/groupie to come along! My dad says that equals a band moll.. I'm not so sure about that... times have changed lol.

Anyways, that's my weekly update for now.

Be good!
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Miranda My Blog Resolutions Jun 7th, 2006 11:09:35 am - Subscribe

1) Update regularly. preferably once per week

2) Be more creative than the previous post.

Now in keeping with my resolution:

I am drunk. Have had two Bundy OP's and random sips of Crown Royal, a particularly strong American burbon.

Oh, and Ronnie's kids are over from America for a while too. I think they go home on the 20th. Michael the oldest ain't so bad, he's actually pretty cool, and "gets" Aussie behaviour a lot more. Rachel in the middle is ok too, she's great when she's in a good mood, but once she's upset (which doesn't take much) she's horrible. Leah the youngest is 13, but has the mentality of a 2 year old. She does things she KNOWS irriate you just for the attention.

It's fun having them around sometimes but their depature can't come soon enough. Kyla (wisely) has taken to the hills and is staying at Rachel's place tonight.

I have a new keyboard too. It types and games beautifully. In fact the only problem with it is that my typign is impaired by alcohol.

Nathan is requesting I insert him into the blog also. In fact he is being VERY demanding. I think his current belligerent behavious comes form the fact that he too, is drunk.

Nath says: OOH
Miranda says: fine fine
Nath says: AND DTUNK
Nath says:*DRUNK
Nath says: AND NATH
Miranda says: ok ok
Miranda says:sheesh! you're a PITA sometimes.

See the absolute belligerence and disrespectful behaviour I have to deal with? tounge.gif He also thinks PITA is a type of bread. Yes, but in capitals like that it stands for Pain In The Ass!

I also threw out this job search diary thing that Centrelink makes you do by accident. FUCK. I have to go get a new one now. I dunno how much they will like me for this. It tends to piss em off. It was an accident though. I will be more selective when I throw out random newspapers next time though.

Apparently Fungus and Nath are going shirtless with hats. They are having a rather bizzare MSN convo with webcams. Fungus however is a camera hog and won't let me in the shot that much.

Ohh, I got new pastels too. Beautiful dry ones this time, so much easier to blend and make pretty pics from. Have done a few already. Only two are good. The other two are randomly average. Should get a folder and make a protfolio of sorts. Not that I intend to make money from drawing... but it would be cool.

They are indeed going shirtless. Fungus is in fact making quite a strip show out of it.

Time to get the Jack Daniels cap and take my shirt off too me thinks tounge.gif

My god I ramble when I am drunk, but at least this post has substance and conveys interesting information inbetween the bullshit.

Also, I swear heaps on this thing. Did ya notice? It more or less reads like I talk though, nonsensical.

Anyways, I'd best be off before this turns into a novel. I think I want to draw more too.

love yas!

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miranda Don't really want to post... Jun 1st, 2006 9:38:55 am - Subscribe
I have a serious case of the CBFs. No real reason here... just do. So I really don't know why I'm posting...


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miranda So I actually went... May 29th, 2006 2:23:09 am - Subscribe

To Nicole's party I mean. And I actually had a good time. Chris and his sister did show up in the end, and much to my surprise nothing overly dramatic took place.

I was polite, non offensive and generally well behaved, hell I even laughed at one of his jokes. My reward, finding out Chris is as demanding, sulky and immature as ever. I was completely ignored, which I had expected, but what did kind of surprise me was the fact that Cinta (his sister) felt she had the right to remain pissed at me and greasy me all night. Now I may have hurt her brother, but I never did anything other than polite and friendly towards her the entire time Chris and I were together. Hell I used to smuggle her smokes before her mother knew she was smoking.

The outcome... I appreciate and love Ryan even more than before. Taking one look at Chris and the way he still demanded complete and total obedience from everyone who'd come with him, I just thanked my lucky stars that I am not there anymore and not with him.

I am so lucky to now have someone who loves and appriates me as much as he does, and the way he does for exactly who I am.
I don't have to try to be something I'm not, or not be something I am. I can just be me, someone Chris never really loved me for.

In short... I love you Ryan. happy.gif

In other news, another thing on my to-do list can be crossed off... I own a pair of dark red Doc Marten's. I will stick them up on my FlickR account, but the net has been capped due to excessive downloads and even the simplest email takes ages, so you'll have to wait a few days for pics.

Oh and my third ear piercings (I'll take a pic of that too) have cleared up at long last. They were crusty as hell this morning, and I pulled off a metric F-load of dried goo, but all of a sudden they now rotate cleanly and painlessly! Woot for finally settling down. Another few weeks and I can put in the silver star shaped studs I want.

Well I have to help Leah and Rachel cook tea (That's Ronnie's children from the USA who are visiting) because Julia will be home at 7 and needs to eat and run, so I'd best be off.

Be good everyone!

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miranda The most ridiculous SMS ever... May 23rd, 2006 10:09:58 am - Subscribe

Tiz nickers im haveing my b'day this sat night ur welcome 2 come cinta will b there no douubt chis and sara. U can come but NOT ryan. Let me kno soon hugs nicole happy.gifx

Typed word for word... now would I go to a party where my ex, his new bitch and his sister are going to be coming? Not to mention her blatant disregard for the fact that Ryan and I are together?

That ladies and gents, is the most fucked up SMS I have ever had the displeasure of receiving. Seriously... that girl is stupid.

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miranda Just because I was bored.... May 23rd, 2006 10:05:09 am - Subscribe

1. FIRST NAME? ... Miranda

2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Not really... my middle name is the same as my great aunt I've never met though.

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Today when my favourite mouse, Maynard died.

4 DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Only when I'm writing profound things happy.gif Nah... it's pretty messy really.


6. LOOK UP. WHAT DID YOU SEE? A painting of some weird trees and a stack of DVDs

7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Depends on who I was in the other person's body.

8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL? Does this count?

9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? ... Me... scarastic? NEVER! eep.gif

10. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS? ... Yes... and they're huge.


12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Depends on my mood


14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? Physically... nope... emotionally when I need to be.

15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Strawberry, Chocolate or that awesome Cherry Ripe stuff Gelavita does.

16. SHOE SIZE? 7-9 depending on what brand

17. RED OR PINK?... Red

18. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? I'm chronically lazy and disorganised


20. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? Nah... you can answer in your own blog if you want though.

21. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? B;ack trackies and Homer Simpson slippers

22. LAST THING YOU ATE? BBQ chicken pizza

23. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Computer fans and typing

24. IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Uh.... blue or yellow I guess...

25. FAVORITE SMELL? A house where food is cooking




29. FAVORITE DRINK? Bundy & Coke

30. FAVORITE SPORT? Sport should die!

31. EYE COLOR? Brown/green/hazel...

32. HAT SIZE? My beanie is one size fits all...

33. WEAR CONTACTS? ..Reading glasses.

34. FAVORITE FOOD? Anything homecooked

35. SCARY MOVIE OR HAPPY ENDING MOVIE? Scary movies don't have happy endings... they're two different genres... which is why I guess they're asking me to choose. However both have their merits and I can't pick either.


37. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? Blue... dad got it for my birthday!

38. SUMMER OR WINTER? Spring happy.gif

40. FAVORITE DESSERT? Mum's chocolate pudding

41. WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Nath and Meg tend to leave random replies...

43. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING?Nothing right now...

44. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? It's plain black with a "marbig" logo

45. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? Neighbours and Big Brother

46. FAVORITE SOUNDS? Music I like and "I love you" from Ryan

48. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME? About 5 hours drive... Horsham

49. WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL TALENT? Not sure... something to do with being able to take the endless shit my friends give


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Miranda I'm happy... May 2nd, 2006 7:54:13 pm - Subscribe

Well the festivities that made up my 20th birthday have come and gone, and as a result I am more or less happy with them!

My party, went well, I wasn't too hammered, and more or less everyone showed up, including a couple who had to drive for about an hour to be there... and THEN drive an hour back! One of my mates did get gastro though, and threw up so the bouncers chucked him out. Guess they thought he'd had too much to drink tounge.gif

My parents ddin't come, which I was pretty cut about. My lil bro got sick so they decided not to come, which was cool except they didn't call meto let me know. I had to call them an hour after they were supposed to show and find out why they weren't there. Actually I was VERY cut by it, and bawled for most of Sunday, not to mention a fair chunk of Saturday night when I got back fromt he party.

The rest of the week was more or less normal, I caught up with Meg (who'd come down from Townsville) on the Tuesday, and we spent most of the day shopping. Much to Nathan's disgust though, we went to Gloria Jean's, our favourite coffee place and neither of us had coffee products! I had an iced chocolate, and Meg's was some strange Mocha-Mint... thing...

On Thursday... and this is the wonderful part!... Ryan took me to dinner at Kublai... which in itself was pretty cool, but being as he knew how upset I was about my parents not coming, he arranged for them to be there too! (And my cool brother.. the one I like)

Friday totally rocked.... NICKELBACK! The whole concert was sweet, pyrotechnics everywhere! It wasn't as loud as I was expecting but Ryan reckons his ears were ringing for a couple of days after. Then after Nickelback, we drove to Ballarat for another LAN, and we had an awesome time!

So all in all, everything that made up my birthday rocked hardcore!

I am happy... happy.gif
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miranda Mental Athletes Apr 21st, 2006 10:27:37 pm - Subscribe
Nathan has a new phrase... 'mental athlete' what is a Mental Athlete... let me describe for you.....

Imagine you are talking to your self appointed best friend on MSN, chatting casually about your upcoming birthday party, what time, what else is planned, who else is going to be there, the ususal info, when suddenly she asks if your boyfriend is coming... (At this point you're supposed to hear the screech like a record being ripped off the turntable...)

WHAT THE FUCK? I mean seriously, my boyfriend... who I have been with for almost A YEAR... who I live with... not come to my birthday party... at HIS FAVOURITE FREAKING PUB? WHAT THE FUCK!?

I was polite... of course and told her that of course Ryan was coming. Meanwhile I was having kittens in an MSN window to Nathan, but that's beside the point. The talk then turns to Centrelink stuffing me around and she asks how I'm managing for money at the party. Fairly harmless in itself and opens her up to be hit for a loan. I tell her that I have arranged a loan through one of my other friends, when she asks... why not loan from Ryan? (That screechy record player noise again please...)

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? WHY NOT RYAN? I'll tell you why not... Ryan has been paying my share of the rent, driving me places and buying everything else I happen to need along the way while I try and get myself sorted out! That's why not!

So... basically a mental athlete is someone who sees the bloody obvious and says/does it anyway! Thankyou to Nathan for this fantastic term. And thankyou to you for being such a mental athlete. (Good thing she doesn't read this! wink.gif )
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miranda 2am Lanning! Apr 21st, 2006 11:06:53 am - Subscribe

So, I'm LANNING and it's now 2am. And once again I actually won a round of quake, by more than one kill too! I was so proud I print screened it and saved it. 4 frags people... 4... that seriously rocks!

So... random plugging of sites I like. Awesome homepage for my boyfriend's band. Go there, follow the links to their online music and enjoy! If you are a LANNER in the Melbourne area (and even if you're not) we WANT YOU!! Go there... seriously the almighty power that is SexyNurse commands thee! Charmed discussion board, a really nice lil community.

Anyways Fungus is off to bed and so am I! MY PARTY IS TOMORROW...w0oT!

Edit: Again the links not linking... will have to discuss HTML linking with Fungus or Dylan. Copy & paste again folks!
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Miranda Get Out The Streamers! Apr 18th, 2006 9:49:07 pm - Subscribe

Two reasons, one I actually had a comment on my blog, thanks nathan and secondly, it's only 3 days till my party.

This is the first proper party I have had in... well ever I guess. my 18th wasn't so huge, I had Chris, Nicole, her then boyfriend, and Nathan with his then girlfriend over and we watched a movie and ate junk food. My 19th was spent trying to reconcile with Chris, and the last party before that was when I was like 10, which consisted of 3 friends (who were sisters) and their parents (who weren't invited) coming over and having cake. Of course mum threw the obligatory 1st Birthday but it doesn't count if I don't remember it!

So this year is down to the pub for everyone who can make it for dinner and drinks. Even Meg (Nath's girlfriend) is coming down from Townsville. Not exactly JUST for my birthday, but I planned it so that she'd be down in time for the party.

And on my ACTUAL birthday (not until the 28th) I will be seeing the Nickelback concert and then driving to Ballarat for a LAN. Now that's all pretty cool.

Hmm... seeing as we're coming from Ballarat and usually go home via Eltham I might see if Ryan wants to stop in at my grandmother's, haven't seen them or my cousins in a while. I guess it depends how tired he is.

I also owe all of them Xmas presents (except Ab & Pete, as I bought one for them already) and Phee, Ab & Pete a birthday pressy. Gus's birthday is soon too. May I think. And then Boo's birthday is in July. More money arg! And Centrelink still hasn't paid me.

Anyways, thanks for commenting Nathan! Love ya biglots.

I'm off to ring Centrelink.

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Miranda Long bloggity goodness... Apr 18th, 2006 1:19:18 am - Subscribe

Firstly, I have forgotten February, March and April Birthday hellos!

So here goes:

February - Bree and Nikki, hope you girls had happy birthdays, you already got my birthday wishes over at the Haven! Phoebe Hannah, my baby cousin - 13! You're not allowed to grow up yet. And on the 22nd, Eryn, Zoey and Cath's mum! (oh yeah and Chris... but who's counting there?)

March - There's quite a few here, (in no particular order) my uncle Pete, Cherie, her ex Marty (who I haven't seen in months) and this really stupid irritating chick I used to be friends with.

April - Dad, Aunt Ab,Ryan's cousin Emma and stepdad Ronnie... and me! April is busy.

So as for busy April... what?

My last weekend looked something like this:

Thursday: Go to Jay's.. LAN IT UP watch about 6 hours of the Nat Geo channel (I love pay TV), sleep at about 3am.

Friday: Wake up at 10, watch another few hours of Nat Geo, get out of bed at 3, pack up and go to Adays. Observe the Commonwealth Village where Jay worked briefly by driving past at about 80km/h. Struggle to keep Jay in our sights with the absolutely pissing rain the whole way up the eastern freeway. LAN IT UP AT ADAYS

Saturday: Wake up late, have an awesome breakfast thanks to Aday's wonderful, hot, geeky girl Pseudonym. MORE LANNING, including WINNING A QUAKE 3 COMPETITION! OMG! Wo0T! Saturday night, discover that the cat had pissed on our bed. Fuck around till 1am finding something else to keep warm with, retire to panelvan for remarkably comfortable sleep without freezing. (Must be the alcohol that makes sleep in the van hard)

Sunday: Wake up... LAN MORE! Pack up around lunchtime, and head back. Drop things off at various people's houses, and then head off to Ryan's aunt & uncles for a late lunch. Watch 11 children run around screaming looking for easter eggs, all 150 of them. Leave, then head to Monbulk, get to Belgrave and discover the ONLY ROAD through to Monbulk has been closed off. (Apparently a 60 year old lady had a head on and went down the embankment RIP lady) Fuck around more, decide to go around via Olinda... travel up the hill the entire way in 3rd gear with the delightful smell of roasting brakes. Finally arrive at mums, scab chocolate, have egg & bacon sandwiches and listen to the boys admiring various cars. Leave there, and head back via Lilydale. Once back there, we had to arrange blankets for our bed and finally go to sleep... what a lovely sleep in that was happy.gif till 12.

Monday (yesterday): Finally get up and bugger around for a while, then decide to ring a few people, and go meet Ryan's dad for coffee. Enjoy (?) the most abysmal chicken pie (with canned peas in it) I have ever had the (dis)pleasure of eating. Realise that we haven't seen his grandparents in quite some time, visit them, have a coffee and observe the lame bird that keeps comign to the house for scraps of cheese. Be reminded that it is his cousin's birthday and go aroudn to say happy birthday. Recieve and SOS SMS from Jamie saying he's broken his computer, head up there to fix it. Ryan also wants to buy this snare drum Jamie has and so we looked at that as well. Get back in time to realise we've missed dinner, and drive around for another half an hour deciding what we don't want to eat and ending up with Hungry Jack's and Bundy. Settle into bed early to watch Wayne's World (IT HAS MEAT LOAF IN IT - betchya didn't know that) and a fe Stargate Atlantis eps.

PHEW! Busy weekend huh? This must be my longest entry ever! And then the next two weekends, my party, more LANNING the Nickelback concert, and yet more LANNING thrown in, not to mention Meg's arrival from Townsville, another public holiday (ANZAC Day) my blog should be full of exciting rambles!

Happy Easter everyone, I'm off to eat more chocolate.

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Miranda Now That's What I Like Apr 13th, 2006 1:00:55 am - Subscribe

People responding to my posts! THANKYOU MEG

Hah! For once someone else is the reason I've posted. Now that is a change!

Thanks again, you made MY day, see you soon hon.

Miranda xoxxo

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Miranda Boo Bah... Apr 12th, 2006 12:02:59 am - Subscribe
You may remember a few posts down, posting about this show... anyways it's called Boo Bah...

There's a couple of links to get you started, oh and I retract my previous statement about "Brother" character being Greek, I now believe, with a name like Manuel, that he is Spanish.

Edit, so the links won't link. I'm sure you're all smart enough to do a copy/paste of the URL.
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Miranda You know what shits me? Apr 11th, 2006 11:47:21 pm - Subscribe

a) people that think that they are sooo damn 1337 that they must HACK a forum and delete everything. No to mention the fact that they weren't intelligent enough to set the date and time correctly either. Retards.

b) people that tell you your relationship won't work, and give it 3 weeks. Upon realising that it's already been 3 weeks, amend this length of time to 3 months, based on the fact that was when their relationship with the same guy went downhill. BAH! 11 months yesterday! Swivel on that!

Actually, there's nothing else shitting me right now. Other than the length of time Centrelink is taking to "process" my info so they can pay me. I'm kind of friggin broke! Pay me already.

Otherwise little is new, as you probably gathered, Ryan and I have reached 11 months, and are more in love than ever. happy.gif

Oh, and I just joined a volunteer group, so once a week I will be out at a kinder, helping disabled kids. Gives me something to do and more experience, so should be

I guess the main reason for this blog was coz Nathan poked me into doing it after the Iris site got hacked. So hi Nathan!

Speaking of Nathan, only 9 days till Meg (his prettyful lady) comes down from Townsville! Which means 10 days till my birthday party, and 16 days till my real birthday and the Nickelback concert! Oh, and LANX, I booked last night. This year for my birthday is going to be sooooo cool! I am very (as Meg would say) BING about the upcoming events.

Centrelink better pay me before my birthday though... a girl can't live on birthday drinks alone. Oh, better ring Alison and invite her too... long way to come with the kids, but we'll see.
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miranda My Life (as it is) Mar 26th, 2006 9:11:35 pm - Subscribe

Well... I'm back at point a reapplying to centrelink and being registered as a jobseeker.

They are aware that I'm going back to TAFE, but until I get confirmed enrollment (and I can't until April/May as they are not sure if there will be second semester intake until then) I have to be a jobseeker. Which means looking for work. SHIT. angry.gif I don't really want to commit to any work until I know what is going on with TAFE. So I need a casual job. (ie: means I will almost certainly need to be a checkout chick as they are casual placements) As I write I am currently filling in a Woolworths form.

What else? I am currently extremely broke. I can't even have a coffee with Nath or something like that. That's how little I have. And Centrelink can't arrange anything for at least a WEEK! And this means longer w/out cash.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Coles Myer want a scanned copy of my last school report. WTF? As if I have one! And sure I passed... but it's not that crash hot.

Ryan however is still loveable and gorgeous. happy.gif I can't help but be happy around him. I love him to bits. We have been together almost 11 months. 11! I don't know where the time went. Seriously... one day I'm with Chris and the next thing I know, I've fallen head over heels for Fungus and living with him at his mum's. WTF?

We have been pretty stressed lately though with the lack of cash. Even still, he managed to balance things enough to take me out for a wonderful dinner at one of my favourite restaurants the other night. It was lovely being able to be with him all by myself for a change and to do something nice.

(He doesn't like holding hands over the table though... must change that. I am quite fond of it, expecially when we're out for a romantic dinner.)

I've just realised I miss colouring books. I have always enjoyed them and it just occured to me that I would love to have one again. Childish huh?

I have also decided I hate a lot of girls my age. The majority of them irritate me... seriously. This whole being awesome if you can get with a bunch of faggy guys, and starve yourself to death, not to mention dressing alike and backstabbing your "friends" ARG! Is it any wonder I am closer to a lot of males than females?

Speaking of close male friends, Nathan is irritating. Not only does he believe that sultanas go in curry, but he cannot spell the name Kaylie correctly. What is this Double "e" bullshit? LOL, I get it... Double E... bra size, I'm sure it's got something to do with that. Even though as far as I'm aware Nathan follows the "anything more than a handful or a mouthful is a waste" creed. I have it now... oh there will be much teasing of Nathan...

It's 2pm now... Ryan won't be home for almsot 2 more hours. I wonder what I can do, seeing as I've been approriately active in arranging some kind of $, and now need to bludge.

Oh, that's right. Dodgy electrician (speaking of bludging) So, something tripped the safety switch last night. And continued to do so. We turned everything off and reset it, no luck. Anyway Mr Electrician bloke came around today, unplugged everything and fiddled. I honestly don't think he did anything, but we have power back now, and Julia is $150 poorer. $150 for a bloke to come, switch shit off, unplug everything and tur the ower back on?? ARG! He reckons it's the central heating doing it apaprently. I'm not sure... he also insinuated it could be "pets often urinate on power sockets which can cause faults" RIGHT.

Wow.. long post for me. Arg. Well Best be off I need food.

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