Just to feel alive.
Date: Mar 17th, 2008 12:49:42 am - Subscribe
Mood: frazzled
What I'm hearing: TRS

I walk by the corner market, basking in the California sun.
When the smogs rolls through the sky,
and mimics the feeling I have become.
I watch the smoke trailing,
from my cigarette,
and look to God for the chance to forget.
All these thoughts roll through my mind,
breaking down the walls,
I had built once upon a time.
I had hoped to forget.
Once I had forgiven.
I had hoped to live truly,
In this time that I'm living.
I always have my sunglasses,
in case your light is too bright.
I always have a dollar,
for coffee at midnight.
In search of life,
I read books that taught me...
Because that is all that is known.
Take my time,
that is fine,
take my time,
until I find
that which is missing,
that I already have,
that I know is out there.
My youthful optimism,
is my strongest drive,
faster than a speeding car
and I roll down the windows,
looking for the breeze,
just to feel alive.

Just to feel alive.

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