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l1l17h yay - Subscribe
yay! Here I am. I have been looking for a blog some time, well not actually looking, but I was thinking about it. Thanks to a friend of mine, well someone I consider being a friend, I discovered this one. Thanks.

More to come soon...
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l1l17h well Nov 10th, 2005 7:28:52 pm - Subscribe
I am bored, as usual. So I thought I could write some here. But what to write about. I guess that's something every new owner of a blog wonders about.

Well I could write about the things in life, but then there is unfortunatly not much to tell. Well there are things to tell ofcourse, but why share them with the entire world? But then again, why create a blog, if you don't want to share things.
Life is full of dilemma's, it's your own choice what to do with it. Things aren't dilemma's really, people create dilemma's imo. Sure there are dilemma's that are inescapable, but in the end, they were created by choices made in the past.
I don't know wtf I am trying to say with this bs. So don't mind me.

I'm frustrated I guess...

Like someone said earlier:

1f u c4n r34d 7h1s, u n33d 70 g37 l41d!ยก!
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l1l17h Choices Nov 10th, 2005 7:46:42 pm - Subscribe
Hmm, I talked earlier about dilemma's which always are created by choices, and need to be dealt with by choices.
I just had to think about something I did, which created a dilemma.
Someone cheated at a friend of mine, with a friend of mine. My dilemma: to tell my friend, and help him get over her, or remain silent so that I won't betray my other friend. I don't say I'm proud of what I did, but I told him. He knew I knew something, I guess he felt it or something. He refers to it as his 'sixth sense'. Well sense or not, he knew, and I knew he knew. He asked me, and I said that I didn't know anything. I was lying. No matter what I did, I would've hurted someone, and I hate to lie. So I told him I knew something, but that I didn't want to tell, cause I didn't want to loose the other friend. He got emotional, and in the end I cracked. I told him. I betrayed my friend. And the girl ofcourse, but she was never my friend.
It was a dilemma, but if someone asks me directly, I won't lie. I can't. I wouldn't lie about anything I guess, not even if it's embarrassing. Somethings however, could best remain hidden. So there's another dilemma. <3 dilemma's.
In the end, I didn't lose my friends, only the trust that friend had in me, but I deserved that for betraying his trust. Maybe one day he will trust me again, maybe he won't. I could understand if he won't. And that's something I have got to live with.

You cannot escape that which you have caused yourself.
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l1l17h DoM Nov 11th, 2005 10:08:58 am - Subscribe
Today at 18.00 cest, a new round of 'Dawn of Myth starts. Wonderful, no really. I love the game, I'm totally addicted to it, there's only one thing. You don't have much of a reallife left. And you certainly don't get enough sleep.
Look I know that it's weird to go to bed at 11 am. I admit. But I thought I could at least sleep 8 hours untill the round started. Guess what. Thought wrong. Every 30 minutes someone called. Things had to be taken care of last minute. Love it. But ofcourse I love the alliance I'm in, I love the people, I absolutely LOVE the game. Why I am whining? Cause I didn't get enough sleep :\ However it's worth it, our com rocks, our alliance does as well. Time for some lovely ownage!

Wondering what DoM is? It's a browsergame, with 1 hour ticks. Atm you have 3 races, Human, Knight and Dwarf/elves. Yes a fantasy browsergame. You have community's which you can fill up to 10 people. Alliances which you can fill up to 10 community's. And with your armies you kill others. Wonderful game, I swear. Addict <3

Another nice aspect of playing DoM is ofcourse that you meet people. Nice people, less nice people, people who are total ignorant. Hmm I guess that was it. And every single one of them, have skills. Whether it is whining, or tactics, they all do what they're good at.
Brings me here, what am I doing? What is my skill? I don't have a skill, I don't whine a lot. I'm active, that's for sure, and some people think that is a skill as well, poor them. Look I'm not the worst player in game, by far. I'm not the best either, by far. So what is it what I do. What is my task in DoM? I love organising. I like to be battle commander (bc), I like to defense commander (dc). I like to be a lot hehe. But I need to learn a lot. So I'm not good at it.
I think I might've found out what it is that I not entirely suck at. I actually convinced someone that he wasn't entirely right about something, and might had to apolagize about his behaviour, or it will hurt the alliance. And omg, I actually like doing that.
I know. I have no life.
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l1l17h first pic ;x Nov 11th, 2005 11:32:18 am - Subscribe
Here's the first pic ;x
I'm the girl with the guitar

On the left Spine, on the right Bennofiel
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