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l1l17h A white screen.... - Subscribe
That's obviously what I'm staring at atm. When I try to think of the reason why I wanted to post something, I'm simply staring at a white screen, without knowing what the fuck to think.
Then I think I forgot what I wrote earlier, and read it again, and get surprised cause the great amount of bullshit it contains. But then a second later, I lost it again, so I read it again. With the same results ofc.
And on top of that, I also begin to wonder what the fuck am I doing online atm. I should join in on the fun, pretending to have a good time etc. But I cba, I'm stoned. The only thing I want atm is music, wordpad to unleash my thoughts, and a hug.
Mood: awkward

l1l17h Great Feb 8th, 2006 8:48:31 pm - Subscribe
Atm I'm watching the ultimate girl movie: Bridget Jones' Diary. And I'm afraid I have to admit that I actually kinda like the movie. And omg, apparently there are ppl who suck even more at cooking than me ;D
Oh here we are, the romantic ending where he holds her in his arms while she's in her tiny knickers standing in the middle of the street in the fking snow. As some annoying romantic song is still playing in the background and the two main characters finally kiss eachother, my roommate sighed melancholicly, reminding me of the feeling I had the last time I watched it. I can't help grinning, when I realise that those times now belong to the past and a new age begins. And for once, the future looks bright, but not orange I tell thee.
God, I really shouldn't watch girl movies, it makes me go like this :\ Constant uninteresting, annoying whining. And the worst part is, that you're reading it. Why? Why are you reading? Tbh I don't understand /o\ It may sound stupid, but most of the time I cba to read other ppls blogs. Only blog I found interesting to read was one of someone who quit blogging before I even knew the blog existed.
As I'm typing I begin to wonder why I'm typing all this. I know where it began, with Bridget Jones obviously. But I don't know where it ends. And that goes for pretty much everything in life. Which brings me back to the future. The so called new age in my life, starting right here, right now. Or did it already start? So many things go by unnoticed. If it did, then I'm happy, if it didn't, then I'd better start working on it. I know what I want, and I know what I don't want. I don't want to feel like I did all the time. So many years of constant shit. Like someone said today: You can't stop the crap from falling on your back. That's one thing I learned in life as well, but shit can also bring good things. It teaches you how to value life, and to appreciate the little things in life.

Okay, that's it. Enough fascinating randomness. I really shouldn't watch movies like that anymore... -_-
Mood: girly