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l1l17h There, oh and back again :\\ - Subscribe
Okay, my roommate was stoned today. I've never seen him stoned before, but it was quite amazing I tell you. He started bitching at one of our friends, saying that that person sprayed the cat white... with sperm... then he went totally crazy cause he thought that person abused the cat. Then, he started crying cause of that, like really crying with tears and stuff ... Yes, cause that person apparently cummed on our cat, that used to be black. However, we still have the black cat afaik... and the white one ofc... Some people really can't handle weed. He just lost it. Telling us we were pieces of shit, and that we are worth nothing compared to him. Cause he is "perfection" as he likes to refer to it. Well guess what buddy, not today. Oh, I was ugly. While he is perfect. Ow hun, I am so sorry that my humble existance doesn't quite satisfy your undeniable desire to surround yourself with perfect human beings. But here's a little thing from me to you. You as well are far from perfect. Deal with it.
They say that stoned people tell the truth. It's a funny thing actually when you think about that. Cause my roommate just called me fat, ugly, worthless piece of shit etc. If that's true, then why the hell does he want me to be his secretary when he's grown up and became a millionair. Yup, you read it right. He actually thinks he's capable of becoming a millionair. And even worse, he thinks I would love some shitty job as his secretary. I fking cook for you, and that's pure torment, I clean up the shit you leave, I listen to your stories, and it's not enough? You want me to do even more for you? Dude, look around. What do you have? Nothing? Exactly...

I was THIS close to fking shove a shotgun up yer arse.

Oh, happy new year and more bs like that ^^
Mood: claustrophobic

l1l17h \"Dad\" Jan 2nd, 2006 4:37:51 pm - Subscribe
Why did you leave me
Why did you say
You’re going to hunt me
And kill me one day

I don’t understand why you don’t give a fuck
I don’t understand why it gets me stuck
I don’t understand, why don’t you give me your hand
I don’t understand, I just can’t understand

Now people wonder
Why I’m so cold
You’ve driven me under
It’s not my fault

I had to be strong
I wouldn’t survive
I’ve known it all along
I’m still waiting to revive

To become one day, what I was meant to be
No matter what way, just you wait and see
I don’t let you ruin it all, I want you to see
I’m not going to fall, just you wait and see
Mood: abandoned

l1l17h gah Jan 17th, 2006 7:14:15 pm - Subscribe
I really should type the things I want to post at once, and then post em immediatly. This is like the 3rd time I try to post something, but then I forget about it, and accidentally open a new site in this window. And then it's all gone ;p /me nabb...

And ofc I've already lost my point. So there's no point in writing any further. Unless I think of something real quick, but I don't see that happening as I'm tired as fuck.
Hmm, nothing comes to mind so far... Well then, this is it for now ;p
gonna have to love ya and leave ya
Mood: tired

l1l17h Only on my own Jan 19th, 2006 11:57:35 am - Subscribe
Moonlight is creeping in
While I watch the shadows grow
No one to heal the pain within
No one to ease my soul

Dm, c, bes
Now do you care, do you feel, do you even know
What’s killing me, what makes me see, that I am only on my own

Slowly, I feel everything slip away
And it doesn't matter, how hard I try
I'm giving in, I'm giving in today
For all I care, this could be the day I die

Now do you care, do you feel, do you even know
What's killing me, what makes me see, that I am only on my own

Cause I don't see what's left for me
And I don't know, where I should go
It feels like I don't belong
Everything just seems so wrong
I just want to rise again
Smile, enjoy, be proud again
With arms open wide
not scared to embrace life
as it comes
Mood: forsaken

l1l17h w000t Jan 23rd, 2006 10:41:26 am - Subscribe
Okay, for the first time since hmm months I guess, I'm happy ;D \o/

Life _can_ be good :]

Mood: incredible