More Things I Have Learned
Date: Jun 18th, 2006 11:55:08 am - Subscribe
Mood: braindead
What I'm hearing:: nothing... fungus has headphones for a change!

I have learned....

Never sit on the toilet with your bag still on your shoulder. Especially when the straps make the bag hang at your butt level. You will sit on the bag instead of the toilet seat, lose your balance and fall off.

Never google Disney Porn and then find you're so curious about Jasmine and Ariel getting it on you have to go to the site to find out more. You will get some stupid spyware and have to reload windows to get rid of it.

Never fall asleep on someone else's bed. No matter how tired or drunk you are, or if the bed is a matress on your bedroom floor, and the person whose bed it is is currently awake and occupying your bed. They will be mean and poke you in the head until you move when they want sleep.

Never keep two mice in a cage who fight all the time, even if it is funny to watch one try and have gay sex with the other. The amorous mouse will eventually get the shit kicked out of him.*

I have also learned:

Tequila is yummy, particularly with Lemonade. Would be great with a twist of lime too.

Go prepared to Redrum gigs so that when people love the boys so much they want to Download Thier Original Songs you don't have to give the URL out on crappy peices of paper torn off the used song lists.

Always check your HTML code before posting. I have and turns out I would have had to fix it. Thankyou to the poster a while ago who told me the correct code!

1/4 to 3 in the morning is a bad time to write a blog. Your brain will be too tired to function correctly and you will find you have lapses in brain activity where you stare and the computer screen aimlessly.

Well... at least I learned some useful things this week! happy.gif

Miranda xoxo

*Lars was bitten a few times on his front legs and back. He looked to have quite a lot of blood on his fur, but when i was holding him nothing seemed to be too sore or still bleeding. He is recovering in a separate cage and seems to be his usual cheeky self. Dimebag is uninjured and seems relieved not to have to constantly defend himself from Lars' advances.

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