A retraction to my last entry
Date: Jun 28th, 2006 10:28:15 am - Subscribe
Mood: sappy
What I'm hearing:: Should've Listened - Nickelback

Ok, not going to bed just yet. Also decided not to make the last blog private. Only others with aeonity accounts can see it, and only Fungus has one.

Speaking of Fungus, he's not as lousy and horrible as I made out. Here's why.

1) He loves me and I am the first girl he has ever really loved.

2) He accepts me as me. He's never asked me to change anything about me.

3) He's caring. From heating my heat pack when my neck hurts, to holding my hair back when I vomit (I had gastro people... nothing else) he's always looking after me.

4) Just one look from him can make me feel like the only girl in the whole world.

5) He's beautiful. He's got beautiful blue-grey eyes, and a gorgeous smile. The rest of him isn't bad either.

6) He's always so gentle. But never gentle enough to make me feel smothered or too babied.

7) He's funny. He provides endless laughter for me, even if it is AT him at times.

8 ) He likes music. This is a very important factor people. Better yet, he likes most of my music, and has introduced me to heaps of other great music I'd never heard before.

9) He's warm. There's nothing like his cuddles.

10) He has the best kisses in the world. I like to call them lovely kisses. Not too wet, not too dry.

11) He snuggles me in bed, even when he doesn't like sleeping on his right, where I lie.

12) He snuggles me in the morning, so I always wake up in his arms.

13) He's generous. He's taken me out for dinner, even though he couldn't really afford it.

14) He's thoughtful. He knows just what would make me happy, even if it's only little.

15) He always wants to know how my day has gone, and is genuinely interested.

16) He knows how to deal with me when I cry. Not many people can do that. I will kill the next person who says "it's ok" or "don't cry"

17) He calls me his. I love being his.

18 ) He wants to marry me one day. I couldn't imagine life without him.

19) He's proud to introduce me to his friends and family. Even if I'm not religious.

20) He has a million little nicknames for me.

21) He puts up with my little nicknames for him. Even Possum, Chook and Buggerbrains. Even infront of his friends.

22) He teaches me. I don't know a lot about music, or cars, or computers. And still he is patient and explains.

23) He doesn't make me feel stupid. Even if I don't know much about the topic.

24) He puts up with me and my mood swings. I can be horrible at times.

There are a million other reasons why I love him. From the backrubs and head massages to the driving me to the hospital at 4am when I was sick, but the most important reason by far:

25) He's my Fungus and I love him.

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