Goodbye it is then....
Date: Jul 18th, 2006 2:08:07 pm - Subscribe
Mood: enlightened

Well, it has been several months since my last entry. I thought the last time that I posted that I still had a chance with GF, but it seems that it was not the case. I made several attempts to contact GF after that lunch date, called her a couple of times, e-mailed several all to no avail. I always got the story that GF was simply so busy she didn't have the time. I always thought that lacked a little honesty and turns out that I am right. Of course she has never told me that, I just assume it to be so since she hasn't contacted me in months. I think GF just finally decided that she had what she wanted in her hubby and wasn't willing to risk that by having her flings with me any more. I understand that. Wish it wasn't the case, but life goes on. Perhaps it is for the best as the wife and I have been getting along much better lately. We have been re-discovering ourselves so to speak sexually and that has really improved our relationship. At least I think it has. Time will tell on that one too. But for now, it looks like as far as GF and I go, it is over. At least I had it while it lasted. I still have all the important e mails she ever sent me, and of course this on-line thing. Ah memories...
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anonymous - July 18th, 2006
I'm sorry to hear about this.

At least you have the memories. lmao.


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