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About Penumbra
Penumbra uses our in-house develop 3D engine, featuring the latest graphics and physics technologies. Thanks to these technologies Penumbra is able to immerse players into it's world of horror, unlike anything seen before within the genre.

Dynamic shadows, normal mapping and specular effects creates a dark dynamic visual environment, creating a world of constant change. Motion blur, noise filters and bloom is used to create a world where sanity has no place.

The physics engine, using Newton Game Dynamics, allows the player to interact with object in new ways where doors drawers needs to be pulled open and doors barricaded to keep the evil out. Each object creates unique sounds based on surface and force, you can never predict how anything will behave or sound in this world.

In Penumbra the player finds himself in an underground base on Greenland, searching for his lost father. It's an adventure horror game, free from classic first person shooter elements, with an emphasise on puzzle solving and exploring. Constantly on your toes you will never know what to expect, with no weapons how do you protect yourself?

Penumbra is currently available as a technology demonstration, some say it's to scary to even try. If you dare, we dare you to take a peek.

Comments, questions and discussions are welcome in the forum.

Penumbra is open for modifications, this allows for creating different languages, new models, new maps, whole new adventures and, well, basically anything you can come up with. To learn more check these modification and forum pages.

Minimum Requirements:
Windows 2K/XP
1Ghz CPU
400MB Hard-drive space
ATI Radeon 8500/NVIDIA GeForce 3 Ti

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