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Researching the field of hair loss is a minefield as this is an area where there is much money to be made, because it affects so many people. As expected when this occurs you have many large companies who are profiting from this and it is in their best interest to sell their products as well as possible. It is not only big pharma that are in this field though there are also the herbal remedies and natural therapies businesses. It is not surprising as once you investigate into this subject you realise that there are actually many different factors involved in healthy hair. Hormones also tend to play a role in the progression and initiation of hair growth and loss, so it is not surprising that testosterone is implicated with the phenomenon of hair loss.. There is not one solution that is guaranteed to work.. Also it can be that some drugs have significant side effects. Juxtaposed with that is the vitamins and minerals that have the minor issue that it is unlikely that someone is actually deficient in them. Then finally into the mix is psychological factor, which can actually cause hair loss to reverse itself, just like it appeared it can also disappear . There are also potentially temporary effects such as stress that can potentially effect this.

So in summation there are many different factors involved in this and identifying the ones which are the important ones is quite confusing. Hair loss does tend to affect men more than women, with men generally having it appear in certain different patterns, tending to be on the crown and the forehead, while women tend to have it more generally over the whole head and being characterised as more of a thinning which is occurring. For males though it is fairly common that balding is seen and for many it is not even an issue, but for women it is very much an issue and can be psychologically devastating as hair can be tied up very much with identity and self image. As well as all the possible remedies which can be rubbed into the hair or ingested there is the possibility of surgical techniques to restore the hair. Briefly this is where hair is taken from one part of the scalp and placed somewhere else. This means that there still be significant amounts of hair on the head . This can cause major problems as what can happen is that the hair line can recede further and then the scaring from transplantation is visible, normally it is covered by the hair but if the hair loss accelerates then all of a sudden it is exposed. When this happens then the option to just shave and go bald can unfortunately lead to some scaring. Hair restoration can be quite expensive so it is not a procedure that should be approached with anything but the utmost care.

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First second post
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Trying this again, bleah it lost my first post already, not a good start
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