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my family and their concepts of feminity

2 Aug 2010 14:59:26 - Subscribe

Since I have become an adult (or rather, one that is of the age of majority), I have decided to take self-styling into my own hands. I do not live alone, however, and therefore I have to adhere to the demands of my mother, even though I am not intending to do anything 'wild' or 'crazy'.

I have decided to:

  • style my hair as I would like it, as naturally as possible
  • not wear makeup, with the exception of eyeliner and/or mascara (when I am in the mood)
  • not wear accessories that are made using animal products (such as leather, wool, or fur)
  • avoid products that are made in places in which wage slavery is used

Many of these things are things that I already do, but styling my own hair naturally is a new endeavor. My mother doesn't agree with this, and has described my naturally-grown, healthy hair by names that have been given to those of racial caricatures. An insulting thing about this is that my mother (and my aunt, who acts as if she is my second mother) likes the hairstyle just fine, but would like if I used extensions to 'feminize' the look.
I realize that my hair is not as long as what is socially acceptable, but I refuse to wear any type of extensions that would be used to accentuate a look that is already finely done with my own hair.

Other members of my family also describe my methods of dress and accessory usage as less than feminine. Femininity, to me at least, is not described as the use of excess to achieve some sort of conventional vain appearance. I do not need larger earrings, makeup, higher heels, or longer hair to appear to be the feminine being that I already am.
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'watching roman holiday again'

28 Jul 2010 0:13:53 - Subscribe

Every time I watch this movie, I marvel at how beautiful Gregory Peck is. He is so damn gorgeous. I just don't understand it.
And that voice..... I'm just dying here!

I take so many screenshots impulsively when I watch this movie. Goodness.
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What if reality isn't real?

27 Jul 2010 10:15:28 - Subscribe

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31 May 2010 22:54:36 - Subscribe

My mother and I were having a conversation earlier and one of her sentences began with "When you get married...".


Thinking about marriage is difficult. I feel like I will never get married. And what about children? I've always wanted two kids, but they seem to be a large halt in the progress of life. The idea of getting married scares me.

I'm so happy that I'm not 'old enough' to have to deal with marriage at the present.
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This is dedicated to Megan.

29 Oct 2008 16:20:58 - Subscribe

Megan, who is now dedicating blogs to me grin.gif

I've been absent because I've been sick. My mother is taking me to the doctor's today.

The presidential election is getting even more ridiculous. And there are only five more days until the day of the presidential election (not counting today)...

WOW. It's been almost two years. O_O
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