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Mood: Existence~~

I cant help but wonder how alone we really are in this world.... We have family and friends that know our existence, but.... I cant say that I even know myself very well, let alone have anyone else completely understand me! So, there really isn't a so called 'soulmate' waiting for us, as we don't even know ourselves well enough on how to find one!

Therefore, is it fate that brings 2 people together? Seeing as we don't really know where to look or who we are looking for. Do we really have a choice on who we're looking for.... or is love suppose to be a whole new surprise anyway? Would we call it love if it was all planned out?

I could call myself a bit of a hermit, most of the time preferring to stay in rather then going out..... so, how am I ever suppose to meet someone that I think I can share my life with? Well, as I said, it's fate...... A friend of a very, very good friend of mine asked me some questions about where I live at the moment, as her friend was coming over to work here. I was looking for somewhere to live at the time and conveniently asked my friend to ask him whether he wanted a flatmate. And then the rest is quite simple...... so.... is it really fate? Do we really make our choices or........ are we chosen to make those choices? haha... silly I know.....
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