Spectacular VISTA of the Tarantula
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Ever wanted to see a Tarantula up close? Up really close? Here’s your chance!

[Click to hugely enarachnidate, or grab the atomically-mutated, 130 Mb, 9000 x 12000 pixel megaspider version here. But be ye fairly warned, says I: you'll lose your afternoon looking at it.]

That is a new image of the Tarantula Nebula (ha! Got you!) from the European Southern Observatory’s VISTA survey telescope in Chile. The telescope can see in the near-infrared, just outside the range of our human vision, and is being used to map a big chunk of the southern sky.

The Tarantula is a sprawling star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small companion galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy. Of course, "small" is a matter of perspective; the LMC is still tens of thousands of light years across and has several billion stars in it. From its distance of 180,000 light years, the LMC appears as a smudge in the sky to the unaided eyes of southern observers.

In astronomy terms the image above is huge; it covers a square degree of sky, several times the area of the full Moon! However, in real terms, if you lived in the southern hemisphere and went outside on a clear night, you could block out the entire region of the picture with the tip of one finger held at arm’s length.

But VISTA’s 4-meter mirror has fine vision, and the image is crammed with detail. It’s hard to see in the embedded image above because I had to compress it wildly to have any hope of letting y’all see it here. The higher-resolution images, however, are simply spectacular! Here’s a taste; I cropped out a small portion:

Wow! Mind you, this is from the medium resolution image! It’s a section to the right and a bit below the nebula proper. And while it’s crammed with stars, gas, and dust, I didn’t pick it randomly. It has one other object in it of note: Supernova 1987A, an exploded star whose light reached us on February 23, 1987. It was, for a few shining moments, among the brightest objects in the entire Universe… but now is lost in a sea of stars, in a small section of one image of a small galaxy.

The Tarantula Nebula is a forbidding object. It’s well over 600 light years across, has millions of times the Sun’s mass worth of gas jammed into it, and is forming stars so furiously that astronomers think it may actually be creating a globular cluster, a spherical ball of hundreds of thousands of stars. You may have heard of the Orion Nebula, one of the largest and brightest of all nebulae in the Milky Way. Well, the Tarantula is thousands of times more luminous; if it were as far away as the Orion Nebula, the Tarantula would be bright enough to cast shadows on the ground!

VISTA will eventually map out 184 square degrees of the sky, which is truly an enormous swath of the sky at this resolution. It will guide astronomers for years to come, giving us a highly-detailed and, yes, beautiful map of stars, galaxies, and nebulae… and best of all, stuff we’re not even aware of yet. Big surveys always help us piece things together, put the details into perspective.

But oh, sometimes, the details themselves are worth gawking at.
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7 Roles Michael Cera Shouldn't Play
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Michael Cera is quickly becoming this generation’s Jack Black, which is ironic because Jack Black is also this generation’s Jack Black and the two actually made a movie together. Point is, Michael Cera plays the same guy in every role he’s ever had, and we all know it. If you type in “plays the same character” in your Google search bar, it will attempt to correct it to “Michael Cera plays the same character”. I’m not even joking, it really does that.

While Cera is riding high on a wave of popularity, Michael Cera roles will run dry eventually, and he’ll need to try his hand at something else. And if he tries any of these he will fail. Miserably.


michael cera


michael cera


michael cera


michael cera


michael cera


michael cera


michael cera
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Representatives of Western abstract painters
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Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866 , the University may be the legal and economic expertise .
Right after the Ph.D. and teach in the university . Age 30 to study painting , he gave up the publish of Professor of Law , came to Munich Fine art Academy , became a expert painter. Kandinsky ’s early paintings , through the impressionistic , the new Impressionism , Fauvism different stages , and finally , in Fauvism ’s colour and inspiration in Kandinsky created the ” composition “,” improvisation , “” lyric ” Naming the works . Therefore the birth from the world’s first 1 rack abstract .

Mondrian ( 1872-1944 ) was born in the Netherlands , the new doctrine of representative form .
14 -year-old began to study painting , 20 -year-old became a higher school art teacher , started painting , has acquired Impressionism , Symbolism and Post- Impressionist effect . Mondrian into abstract paintings created by Picasso and Braque straight affected by an early Cubist functions of stimulation obtained in Paris in 1911 cubist painting ideas , painting methods started Cubism .
Malevich (1878 - 1935) , Russian painter and fine art on the founder of supremacy .
And Kandinsky , Mondrian having a geometric abstract earlier pioneers , the 3 of them known since the troika of abstract art .
Malevich retained individuals functions acknowledged towards the globe right after so many many years , still it ’s just uncomplicated and surprising. His perform , as the 20th century opened up a vast world of fine art , from Dada to the later minimalist minimalist right up until today , each of his ” superiority “of values.
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Representatives of Western abstract painters 2
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Kupka ( 1871-1957 ) was born in the Czech Republic . He is not only a ” geometric abstraction , ” the founder , and then in Paris is as famous abstract artist Kandinsky . Around 1900 he appeared in illustrations absolute abstract symbols . Abstract paintings of his maturity in 1910, almost simultaneous and Kandinsky .

Delaunay ( 1885-1941 ) was born in Paris , by the impressionist influence , it works emphasized light and color, the color and the color . His light down into the seven-color rainbow , using the structure approach, re- combination of different colors . Delaunay always very fascinated by color and light . his new theory of impressionistic color , bold approach Fauvism , Cubism way space and form of mastery, form , known as Orpheus Doctrine The new style . His works are full color , for the pure abstract style of this modern art form , has important significance.

Miro ( 1893-1983 ) was born in Spain , and it is as famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso . General history of Western art will be relegated to his surrealist genre . Miro ’s work is not purely abstract painting , but rather symbolic to show the world his heart . He was accepted and Eastern culture into their art in a large number of symbolic elements of the East , making his work with an oriental mystery and surreal fantasy . Miro inherited Kandinsky on the points, lines , surfaces in the form of aesthetics , many of his abstract works are point, line , plane theory of interpretation . Mysterious symbols, voluptuous lines , simple and earnest color , psychedelic yet playful mood , abstract mood and surreal experience , is a Miro painting characteristics.

Roscoe ( 1903-1970 ) was born in Russia . Year-old emigrated to the U.S. . Yale University has received a short training in the art , the artist’s studio after the peer to learn painting . Despite his early Surrealist works by the impact , but it has always been Expressionism to create, gradual transition to the abstract . Until 1947 , developed into a fully abstract expressionist style, with a combination of two or three rectangles , left vague in the edge of the boundary , so a plane has a strange color gamut of different space , in the cold abstract Background , the color gamut with fuzzy boundary with uncertain feeling free to have a quiet breathing meditation , gives the impression of double personality and color . Roscoe was the abstract expressionist school in the United States gamut faction leader , although he did not recognize this division .

De Kooning ( 1904-1997 ) was born in the Netherlands . Early studied the local art college , and by painters of expressionism . As a painter in 1926 to the United States began to try to abstract art creation in 1934 . 50’s became the leading figure of abstract expressionism . De Kooning ’s creation, focus on the abstract , women and men, the three series , of which , especially in a woman ’s most famous series , it is actually almost always with his painting career .
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Representatives of Western abstract painters 3
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Washaleili ( 1908-1997 ) is a Hungarian native French artists . Youth, the National Art School in Budapest to learn . 22 -year-old settled in Paris , began to engage in advertising and decoration art . From the 40 ’s, dedicated to painting and perception of light effect theory . He Mondrian , Kandinsky ’s work and theory and color theory, perception and illusion in the history of serious research carried out , and gradually develop their own artistic style and creative approach chart . He used a variety of design methods to create abstract movement and deformation of tissue in the illusion . Optic effect in almost every design in the development , he contributed .   

Pollock ( 1912-1956 ) was born in the United States . Is a world-renowned artists of action painting . November 3, 2006 , Jackson Pollock ’s painting ” No. 5, 1948, ” painting the world’s highest auction price , up to 140 million U.S. dollars (about 109.6 million euros ) . Before the birth of the world record in China most people may know nothing about Pollock . Pollock , whether alive or dead , is a very controversial artist . He was born in the western United States in 1912 , 1943, organized the first exhibition , only sold a small painting for Pollock feel disappointed . Review of public opinion is on his two extremes , one very derogatory , “This guy is really sick mad , as people can not stand ! ” one highly regarded that a following Picasso , Miro days after the birth . The success of a pioneering artist in the beginning will be the traditional suspicion and disgrace , by nature free , lax Pollock is challenged by that time . In 1946, Pollock began to ” drop ionization ” creative , somewhat similar to the Chinese painting in ink (also by the oriental culture, especially Chinese Calligraphy affect one of the abstract painter ), is to dilute the color painting or direct use of paint, Pen or spoon dripping or throwing it on the canvas . Pollock ’s drip paintings ionization random coincidence between the hidden dramatic effect , passionate and full of color free , tension and wild , combined with his eclectic , drawing process , ” Nishajuxia “, gravel , broken glass , debris dare picturesque . Splash in the seemingly random , wild and full of tension has its own logic of color lines , artists are moving deliberately arranged the impromptu and visual rhythm of the music . His original works and visual effects techniques alternative to the current 50’s shook up American art is seen as affecting the United States out of Europe, the beginning of abstract art of the times , is a symbol of American free spirit . He thus became the 20th century the world’s most influential artists.   

Motherwell ( 1915-1991 ) Motherwell was born in Washington , his family was wealthy . His first well-known Stanford University in the United States to study art , then turned to philosophy, received a BA in Philosophy , and entered Harvard University Department of Philosophy PhD . Called ” academic painter . ” He is also a mid-life switch transfer art, is undoubtedly the foundation of his philosophy of his ” skill in the art outside the ” best comment . Motherwell in 1939 to do his first show , and later met Pollock , Rothko , and Pollock ’s works together with selected Guggenheim exhibition . Since then, the rapid rise of Motherwell , has become the United States , ” New York School ” of the backbone . He never stopped inventing new painting motifs and patterns in the form of the great works of creativity and visual impact , keep a rising star of American painting, a source of inspiration . His series of works on behalf of the “Spanish Elegy ” is undoubtedly the 20th century monument of Western art for . Twombly (1928 -) was born in the United States . He is a post-war American abstract expressionism in the new generation of artists born . Since 1957 , he settled in Rome, and began writing a series of large-scale works , his most frequent use of charcoal , colored pencil , marker, or oil painting on paper created works ranging from between words and lines , sometimes formal, sometimes Bold , almost fanatical passion in graffiti , the artist details and the overall control of the rhythm , and inserted a number of lightning -like lines . Twombly is the American abstract expressionist painter in the artistic style of the most undisciplined, the most controversial works , style most graffiti artists, but also to the world a profound impact on abstract art artists .

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