Abstract art - the two major branches
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Since 1910, after the election of the first pieces of abstract work , the rapid development in the West , many derived forms , become the main abstract art . Cubism is a branch are: 1 . smash objects with real light , modern feel and speed performance Futurism( 1909-1915 ) 2 . using wire , glass and metal materials to a long , square , round and composed of non- linear image imageConstructivist( 1913-1917 ) 3 . not observe the object, seat of your pants and looking for a new symbol to describe the feelings directly Absolutism( 1915 ) 4 . entirely to the three primary colors or black and white gray rectangular -shaped color blocks and lines constitute a new form screen doctrine (1917 ) 5 . against the reproduction of nature , but also from the start and progress to the abstract nature of the specific art ( 20th century, 20 years ) 6 . with flat ribbon or colored surface coating composition increasingly simple, purely abstract graphics Formalism( 50-70 years of the 20th century ), such as the hard- edge art, color side art, minimalist art 7 . with geometry , color processing by artificial light , resulting in visual errorArt Light Effects( 60 years of the 20th century ), etc. FromFauvismAndExpressionismDerived : 1 . with lines, marks and spots for the symbol , reflecting the author ’s subconscious sense of self Abstract Expressionism( 20th century, 40 years ) 2 . In the large canvas , the writer is not conscious action , relying on trickle- splashed color unconscious self- confession of action oil painting style ( 1945-1955 ), etc. Marxism in the abstract is not a long development process, the work has been seen enough of the inner beauty and expression , and involved to painting , sculpture and industrial arts areas, but will bring in Shenmei standard Hunluan or difference .
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