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aelbert Sonnenblumen Vincent Van Gogh 2 - Subscribe
Van Gogh’s techniques of artistic expression of sunflower are ingenuity. He adopted a simplified portrayal of images to make the picture a sense of rich graphic and decorative flavor. The main colors are yellow and orange, with delicate strokes of green and blue, outlined the petals and stem. That bold and unrestrained, firm strokes, a different trend, in bright, brilliant to find a different background on the structure and tone, the blossoming sunflower performed dazzling, touching,

Van Gogh was very manic. The lights from the sun in the painting just like golden flame, the resource of the strong colors represents the birthplace of majestic ambition. In the pursuit of the most brilliant color effects, Van Gogh described the sunflower with different brightness and purity of the yellow. The yellow background, yellow vase, yellow flowers, deep yellow, light yellow, lemon yellow, orange, yellowish brown … … with a little sky-blue flower and the sky, Van Gogh’s yellow was so moving and touching, exudes immense charm. The golden sun flows on the canvas, the sunflower which is absorbing the heat to the full is so dynamic and brilliant. Van Gogh endowed all his love to the lovely sunflowers. “Sunflower” is a symbol of the strong feelings of Van Gogh. This is the charm of the sun.

Van Gogh’s oil paintings of sunflowers are numerous, but only six of them are well-known by the public. The best is the “Two Cut Sunflowers” which is painted on August 9, 1887, Paris, France, now at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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aelbert Sonnenblumen Vincent Van Gogh 1 Jul 6th, 2010 3:08:56 am - Subscribe
These simple sunflowers in a vase, the brilliance of them touch the heartstrings of the viewers. Van Gogh applied broad, gestural brush strokes to the painting, making the oil paintings looks like a relief sculpture. Yellow and brown colors as well as the drawing techniques show the viewers a dreamland full of beauty, sunshine and hope. However, when drawing this for the same time, though the artist tried to seize the doom of this world, it slowly but mercilessly slips away. Perhaps this painting’s superficially reflects his psychological state of this period when his short and tragic life came to the end. He was a lover of nature and always found the pure beauty from the simple things. He once said that he would rather draw the shadows of the trees outside of the window than the imaginary phantom.

Though Van Gogh’s art is great, during his lifetime, however, has not been recognized by the public. It is very unacceptable as his works contained a profound tragedy consciousness and strong individuality. His pursuit of the unique artistic form was unprecedented. His seize his object from the environment and recreate the reality of the object in order to achieve real and true, leading to the birth of expressionism. Though people had profound misunderstanding on him and his art, he was very confident of himself and his artistic talent. That’s why he left us so many eternal artworks. He directly influenced the French Fauvism and Expressionism in Germany even the earlier 20th century art, lyrical abstract portrait. “Sunflower” was created in the bright sunshine in the south France. The painter liked flashing flames raging so full of blazing passion. The brush strokes were broad, dynamic and powerful; the colors contrast was so strong and pure. However, in this broad brush strokes and simple contrast, we can see the wisdom and artistic talent of the painter. In a word, Van Gogh ’s sunflower is not just a plant but a living form full of impulse and passion.

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aelbert Feng Shui Color Tips: Choosing the right colors for the different address space Jul 6th, 2010 3:14:07 am - Subscribe
The color red oil paintings is a color conducive to the East: Traditionally, the red happiness, passion, courage and enterprise. In Feng Shui, the Oriental is also a symbol of youthful and adventurous spirit, so in the East put some furniture and accessories in red, like mahogany belt, red carpet, so that family members can be full of energy, favorable business and universities. The color red is just as decoration at best, or you can use a small area.

In Feng Shui, the south of the inspiration and the social skills mastered felt green. Place potted plants in the south, in addition to adding green outer beauty, have a positive effect on interpersonal relationships. When the paint on the wall, or a small area of the proposed use and to reduce the purity and lightness.

Yellow was used to represent wealth, while the West was seen as the main cause and the wealth of the situation when the yellow furniture, such as for example, have yellow crystals, which could bring great wealth, so that the cause of the plane, yellow Tenda.

The interior trim offered more for the yellow cloth, or small furniture. When the paint on the wall, has proposed to increase the purity and transparency.

North Korea responsible for the marriage, while orange means there is passion. If you want to improve marital relations, in the bedroom to the orange light of the North, rugs, pillows and other are brought olive promote marital relations.

The purity of the wall and suggested that to improve transparency in order to reach saturation, ie, the color of our time.

1st The color of the ceiling was brighter, while the color of the soil must be heavier than the roof.

2nd In China, Feng Shui, the upper limit for the consideration of the vertical vibration, the soil of the earth, represents the wall of a man. The wall color should be lower than the roof, but lighter than the earth, while the sky, land and people can achieve harmony.

3rd Do not make too much red or black as main color of a piece of red or black, to encourage people to do something extreme or crazy.

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aelbert How to choose the main color of decorative oil paintings Jul 6th, 2010 3:23:42 am - Subscribe
In general, the main color and tone of the oil paints for interior decoration contrasts should be the same with the room, avoiding too high and cold into a warm harmonic color. The white Room decorations can be used with a variety of colors, warm and cool colors are appropriate, followed especially in the classic combination of black and white, from warm and lively, with bright decorative painting (such as red, yellow, orange) is also very exciting color gray matter of the space can be designed with a quiet calm neutral or black and white or cool colors and decorative painting (such as blue, green) when the color of the interior is very stable, such as walnut, you can choose the High Ash, some decorative painting art stronger when are the light in the room, oil paintings pictures of the wall in the direction of the distorted color, contrast, color little light in the room can be connected to the fresh paint. Decorative color matching the color of the walls and furniture should avoid their attention also to the combination of color, contrast, vibrant colors (other than the pursuit of the avant-garde of the uniqueness in question) must match the number of colors, but colors and variation to avoid monotony. Select the colors for another room is also very important.

1st Choosing oil paintings the right colors for different types of housing. Choosing a room with a country style, to express oil colors red, yellow and green to a natural taste, oil paintings, silver, black, white and neutral oil paintings, modern style avant-garde, with nuts on the age and the yellow for the classical style in different colors on the taste of the rural old age.

2nd Bedroom is a place of peace, the image must be a function, people fall asleep easily, apply your serial cold iridescent colors.

3rd Restaurants have to decide the colors green and fresh and light are that tasty.

4th The studio is a place for reading and self-cultivation, should the colors of the painting as calm and serene colors such as blue, green, or cool and neutral colors.

5th to select children, red and yellow color, on the contrary, the lively atmosphere of the room.
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aelbert The recognition of a masterpiece: Print, Claude Monet Sunrise Jul 6th, 2010 3:28:43 am - Subscribe
Claude Monet was a founder and representative of French impressionist painting. The term Impressionism from the title of his masterpiece: Impression is, was painted in 1872, Sunrise. What follows is a brief analysis of this table. Impression, Sunrise is a landscape of Le Havre. true to the visual impression of light and colors of the sunrise from the French port city is represented for the artist. Monet explained the title later: Landscape is an impression, and an overview of one, so that this label was given to us, probably my fault. I sent a thing done in Le Havre, from my window the sun in the fog and a pole of some boats in foregroundThey asked me for a catalog title Excel couldnt really made a point of view of Havre, said sales of pressure. B ike broke the shackles of traditional painting, the art critic Louis Leroy, that the term Impressionism has marked as the contempt, but the Impressionists, which suits them. Louis Leroy wrote: Printing CI was confident. I have just told me that I am impressed because some impression had to be in Itanda what freedom, what the design of the facility! Wallpaper in its embryonic state over the lakes is ready. In the second half of the 19th Century optical theory, the traditional concept of artists of color changes, of course, he began a new expedition to the outer surface of the art. Sunrise, pressure is the morning mist shrouded harbor scene in the morning twilight. For Use of the composition of purple, red, slip blue-gray and orange and red sun a bright orange and yellow rays of the waves, slowly out. The sea, sky and landscape in a relaxed style, they seem in love. The three ships are not too far from the shore, gradually merging into the fog.

The distant buildings, ports, bridges, boats, masts, etc., are also looming in the twilight of the morning … All of this is the scene that the painter was through a window. He painted a scene of misty shots chaotic and mixing. This is absolutely a betrayal of the art for the academic artists. The painting is a visual experience and instant mood expresses great painter. The respected academic art careful and clear design, color, rigid and boring. Compared to academic art, this painting is a rebellion in fat, making it the official opposition.

He also painted a oil paintings titled Sunset at the same place. sent at the first Impressionist exhibition, the two images are both untitled. A journalist made a leap that Monet’s paintings are the negation of beauty and truth, only perception. While Monet’s painting entitled Impression, Sunrise. As a marine painting, the whole screen in thin gray lines that are very random and chaotic is packaged, thereby blurring. At sunrise, the sea is covered with fog, and the water reflects light from the sky and the sun. The landscape is dark and foggy to know people a momentary and dreamy quality.

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