Representatives of Western abstract painters 4
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Tapies ( 1923 - born in Barcelona, Spain . Tapies first of the specialties is the law, mid-life switch dedicated to artistic creation , is a self-taught , self-taughtArtists. Tapies ’s early works has been the impact of Milo and Eastern philosophy . Therefore, he is also fond of Eastern culture, world-class artists . He also funded the construction of the home library of a Eastern culture . Tapies Art biggest feature is the variety of experiments and the use of composite materials . He ’s universally acknowledged the inherent Painting Personal style - that is, non- formalism , is a kind of drawing attention to the movement material . This expression means full advantage of the different types of materials , and explore the use of material properties . In his dramatic works, Tapies free to use gravel , sand and rock art, the special charm of the performance of integrated materials . His work both lyrical romantic elements , but also traces of the cold abstract rationality . Hot and cold fusion make his works a sense of heavy and have tremendous , ridiculous appears the superior wisdom and skill. His works of contemporary abstract art had a tremendous impact , also affected a number of contemporary Chinese abstract artists . Zao (1921 -) was born in Beijing, China . He was 14 years old to enter Hangzhou Art College Learning , has studied underLin, Wu Dayu , and affected. School to teach after graduation . Settled in Paris in 1948 . Early Learning Italian , Dutch and French classical painting, and popular Picasso , Matisse and Klee and other Western influence modern artists , creative people and landscapes to figurative painting mainly . Since 1954 into the abstract , so abstract like Oracle or Zhongding Wen symbols , floating in the nothingness of space and color changes into , full of Oriental mystery symbolic . After the symbol to dissipate , the picture for the free stroke and replaced by large areas of color , and gradually return to the Chinese cultural landscape of Qiyun and artistic conception, as the use of modern Western art forms and techniques , to express the elegant mysterious oriental divine painter . In 2002 was elected Fellow of the French Academy of Art for life , is the Chinese art in the world and honor the highest achievements of artists. Chu (1920 -) , Anhui, China Xiao County . He was 15 years ( 1935) obtain Hangzhou National Art College. Chu Zao lower than one class higher than the Wu class , and now three world-class artists . It is no coincidence . Because Lin Feng Mian is the president , Pan taught Chinese ink painting and calligraphy , Wu Dayu teach painting . Have a great day . Chu graduates to stay in school teaching assistant in 1951 when a professor at National Taiwan Normal University . In Paris in 1955 , began writing in 1956, an abstract painting . Explore five years , Mr. Zhu Dequn made outstanding achievements , international reputation as an abstract artist, he won the 1999 French Academy of Arts honors , becoming the first Chinese hospital Fellow two centuries . Whether his figurative or abstract painting , Western commentators have word of a speech : Chu is painting depicts the spirit of the master of Chinese ink painting , he was bold and vigorous with rich deep color patches of H picturesque , the pursuit of far-reaching of the universe Sense of space and the infinite passion of the words rhyme , Beyond the possible ring . Other well-known abstract artists are: Hoffmann ( 1880-1966 ), Louis ( 1912-1916 ), Crane ( 1910-1962 ), etc.
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Abstract Art - Origin
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Abstract art work isFigurative artRelative name, also known as non- figurative fine art . It really is characterized by a lack of description, making use of the idea of emotional approach to efficiency and painting , but this is essentially belong to Expressionism , very first seen inside the functions of Kandinsky . It can be through the impact of anti- conventional fusion of art from , specifically by Fauvism,CubismEvolved . “Abstract ” craft in thePicassoDid not seem to exist, he just was emphasized that type of life was emphasized Bale . abstract craft is: ” I let it all with no any reminders, without memory from the reality - irrespective of whether the reality with the artist’s beginning place - are referred to as abstract fine art Fine art .

Fauvism and Cubism in reality promote the independent development of shape and color . Kandinsky even more found that it’s the mystery of his oil paintings in 1910, the primary a categorical abstract watercolor , can be a non- figurative desire , vibrant colour stage of overlap .KandinskyCreative invention is to obtain aesthetic inspiration in the new music , Erhoujieke people Kupka directly in the new music to obtain inspiration for abstract art . He is a painter referred to as the originator of new music , then they together constituteAbstractionism.
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Abstract art - the two major branches
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Since 1910, after the election of the first pieces of abstract work , the rapid development in the West , many derived forms , become the main abstract art . Cubism is a branch are: 1 . smash objects with real light , modern feel and speed performance Futurism( 1909-1915 ) 2 . using wire , glass and metal materials to a long , square , round and composed of non- linear image imageConstructivist( 1913-1917 ) 3 . not observe the object, seat of your pants and looking for a new symbol to describe the feelings directly Absolutism( 1915 ) 4 . entirely to the three primary colors or black and white gray rectangular -shaped color blocks and lines constitute a new form screen doctrine (1917 ) 5 . against the reproduction of nature , but also from the start and progress to the abstract nature of the specific art ( 20th century, 20 years ) 6 . with flat ribbon or colored surface coating composition increasingly simple, purely abstract graphics Formalism( 50-70 years of the 20th century ), such as the hard- edge art, color side art, minimalist art 7 . with geometry , color processing by artificial light , resulting in visual errorArt Light Effects( 60 years of the 20th century ), etc. FromFauvismAndExpressionismDerived : 1 . with lines, marks and spots for the symbol , reflecting the author ’s subconscious sense of self Abstract Expressionism( 20th century, 40 years ) 2 . In the large canvas , the writer is not conscious action , relying on trickle- splashed color unconscious self- confession of action oil painting style ( 1945-1955 ), etc. Marxism in the abstract is not a long development process, the work has been seen enough of the inner beauty and expression , and involved to painting , sculpture and industrial arts areas, but will bring in Shenmei standard Hunluan or difference .
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Abstract art - History
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Abstract aesthetic concept first seen inGermany PhilosopherW. Wallinger ’s work ” and feeling detached from shift . ” He believed that artistic creation , in addition to feeling the urge to move outside , there is a contrary impulse to dominate , which is ” pulled out of the trend . ” Generated because of detachment between the people and the environment of conflict , people feel the space


The majority of disorders with the phenomena in the psychological space that fear and find it difficult to settle down . People’s minds since the vagaries of the outside world can not obtain quiet phenomenon , only to find solace in the form of art . Since people can not get things from outside, objective aesthetic enjoyment, so hitu the actual object from the vagaries of chance in the liberation , it has the abstract form of permanent value. Wallinger ’s theory, affect performance include W. Kandinsky , including painter. The first abstract painting is by the Kandinsky was drawn before and after 1910 . Wallinger is Kandinsky ’s friend , he actively supported the performance of movement , and work to expand its influence . Abstract production factors in addition to escape from the reality , there are industry , science and technology -driven reasons . Modern architecture and the environment, require more general , refined and simplified form of art corresponding ; machine running speed , strength , efficiency of these visual elements , it is rather abstract , to stimulate the artist to doAbstract beautyAttempt to create , produce abstract art is art to add realism . Not to describe the specific target images of abstract art, through line, color , block plane , shape , composition to convey the emotions, stimulates people ’s imagination , inspiring people’s thinking . Abstract art from Original Art Medieval religious art ,AfricaAndOceaniaArt, oriental language , calligraphy absorb nourishment , but also from China, Taoist philosophy and Zen Buddhism in the choice to take the adaptation of the 20th century the people of Western philosophy and psychological concepts. Many abstract works demonstrate escapism , social nihilistic tendency , but there are also works reflect the vision of a better future for people with active , progressive and optimistic thoughts and feelings. Most abstract works , the focus was to create a unique art form .   World War I Abstract artists before and after the most representative is the Russians Kandinsky and Mondrian and the Dutch P. Stijl created by him . The former is a lyrical abstract artists , which opened up the road to geometric abstraction . Russia , represented by Malevich ’s supremacy , and associated with constructivist and also geometric abstract factions. Cubism in France following the Russian ear Pu generated after Sri Lanka Marxist , actually pay attention to light and color of the abstract . 30 to 40 years in Europe there ’s Tahiti doctrine , is the attention to occasionally smear and stains, marks and texture patterns formed by abstraction of beauty schools . 40 happened in the U.S. mid- abstract expressionism , surrealism is a blend of automated methods of abstract art , representative for the J. Pollock . After Abstract Expressionism emerged in the United States and Europe after the oil paintings of the abstract , is actually the development of geometric abstraction in contemporary . Because it is more the rule , there is a clear form and a clear boundary lineAbstractTherefore, the U.S. critics as hard-edged abstraction . Induction of the 20th century Europe and the United States a variety of abstract art, all focused on emotional expression , known as the lyrical abstraction of abstract or heat ; all focus on the performance concept , known as the rational abstraction or cold abstraction . Has a unique abstract value , but also has its limitations , it can only exist as a form of expression , must not take realism and replaced . Western abstract theorists to promote outdated and abstract realism represents the artistic direction of the argument is inconsistent with the actual situation .

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How to Build a Social Networking Policy
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The social media landscape has experienced rapid changes and growth over the last few years. Not surprisingly, its increasing popularity means that many of your employees are probably already involved in any number of social media networks or online communities. Given that we spend half our waking lives at work, it is perhaps inevitable that some of these workers will end up as the inadvertent social media facade of your organization.

Why Create a Social Networking Policy?
While it would be difficult to predict the future of social networking a dozen years from now, the explosive growth in the influence of this new media seems unavoidable. As the social media landscape continues to evolve, it is also becoming clear that social networking tools can be leveraged as a powerful multiplier of one’s marketing or public relations (PR) efforts.

This is evidenced in the way large corporations are hiring digital or social media managers, or incorporating such roles into the primary job responsibilities of existing PR or marketing executives. As companies strive to cash in the rewards of successfully engaging social media, guidelines are required to formalize a company’s strategy in this new, uncharted terrain. In addition, there is a need to recognize and protect social media practitioners within the company.

Taken together, it is clear that there is a need to craft a proper social networking policy so as to maintain a degree of consistency in your organization’s engagement of social media. So what does a social networking policy consist of? The quick answer might be to point you toward a sample of a simple social networking policy on, but my intention in this article is to walk you through the steps needed to create a more comprehensive policy for your organization.

First Stop: Define Social Networking
Defining social networking might seem redundant, but is important in order to properly establish the bounds of your policy. While it would not be possible to name all the social networks or tools out there, a recommended approach is to highlight the most prominent ones, and update the list from time to time.

Certain online interactions might not initially appear to be related to social networking, though, another reason why it’s a good idea to identify them in advance. Some examples might be conducting a technical discussion via webcast, posting of photos taken at company events, or sharing non-proprietary work documents on the Web. Properly defining the tools and activities serves to eliminate ambiguity, and will be useful when it comes to the next step: selling the idea to management.

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