Representatives of Western abstract painters
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Kandinsky was born in Moscow in 1866 , the University may be the legal and economic expertise .
Right after the Ph.D. and teach in the university . Age 30 to study painting , he gave up the publish of Professor of Law , came to Munich Fine art Academy , became a expert painter. Kandinsky ’s early paintings , through the impressionistic , the new Impressionism , Fauvism different stages , and finally , in Fauvism ’s colour and inspiration in Kandinsky created the ” composition “,” improvisation , “” lyric ” Naming the works . Therefore the birth from the world’s first 1 rack abstract .

Mondrian ( 1872-1944 ) was born in the Netherlands , the new doctrine of representative form .
14 -year-old began to study painting , 20 -year-old became a higher school art teacher , started painting , has acquired Impressionism , Symbolism and Post- Impressionist effect . Mondrian into abstract paintings created by Picasso and Braque straight affected by an early Cubist functions of stimulation obtained in Paris in 1911 cubist painting ideas , painting methods started Cubism .
Malevich (1878 - 1935) , Russian painter and fine art on the founder of supremacy .
And Kandinsky , Mondrian having a geometric abstract earlier pioneers , the 3 of them known since the troika of abstract art .
Malevich retained individuals functions acknowledged towards the globe right after so many many years , still it ’s just uncomplicated and surprising. His perform , as the 20th century opened up a vast world of fine art , from Dada to the later minimalist minimalist right up until today , each of his ” superiority “of values.
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