Representatives of Western abstract painters 3
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Washaleili ( 1908-1997 ) is a Hungarian native French artists . Youth, the National Art School in Budapest to learn . 22 -year-old settled in Paris , began to engage in advertising and decoration art . From the 40 ’s, dedicated to painting and perception of light effect theory . He Mondrian , Kandinsky ’s work and theory and color theory, perception and illusion in the history of serious research carried out , and gradually develop their own artistic style and creative approach chart . He used a variety of design methods to create abstract movement and deformation of tissue in the illusion . Optic effect in almost every design in the development , he contributed .   

Pollock ( 1912-1956 ) was born in the United States . Is a world-renowned artists of action painting . November 3, 2006 , Jackson Pollock ’s painting ” No. 5, 1948, ” painting the world’s highest auction price , up to 140 million U.S. dollars (about 109.6 million euros ) . Before the birth of the world record in China most people may know nothing about Pollock . Pollock , whether alive or dead , is a very controversial artist . He was born in the western United States in 1912 , 1943, organized the first exhibition , only sold a small painting for Pollock feel disappointed . Review of public opinion is on his two extremes , one very derogatory , “This guy is really sick mad , as people can not stand ! ” one highly regarded that a following Picasso , Miro days after the birth . The success of a pioneering artist in the beginning will be the traditional suspicion and disgrace , by nature free , lax Pollock is challenged by that time . In 1946, Pollock began to ” drop ionization ” creative , somewhat similar to the Chinese painting in ink (also by the oriental culture, especially Chinese Calligraphy affect one of the abstract painter ), is to dilute the color painting or direct use of paint, Pen or spoon dripping or throwing it on the canvas . Pollock ’s drip paintings ionization random coincidence between the hidden dramatic effect , passionate and full of color free , tension and wild , combined with his eclectic , drawing process , ” Nishajuxia “, gravel , broken glass , debris dare picturesque . Splash in the seemingly random , wild and full of tension has its own logic of color lines , artists are moving deliberately arranged the impromptu and visual rhythm of the music . His original works and visual effects techniques alternative to the current 50’s shook up American art is seen as affecting the United States out of Europe, the beginning of abstract art of the times , is a symbol of American free spirit . He thus became the 20th century the world’s most influential artists.   

Motherwell ( 1915-1991 ) Motherwell was born in Washington , his family was wealthy . His first well-known Stanford University in the United States to study art , then turned to philosophy, received a BA in Philosophy , and entered Harvard University Department of Philosophy PhD . Called ” academic painter . ” He is also a mid-life switch transfer art, is undoubtedly the foundation of his philosophy of his ” skill in the art outside the ” best comment . Motherwell in 1939 to do his first show , and later met Pollock , Rothko , and Pollock ’s works together with selected Guggenheim exhibition . Since then, the rapid rise of Motherwell , has become the United States , ” New York School ” of the backbone . He never stopped inventing new painting motifs and patterns in the form of the great works of creativity and visual impact , keep a rising star of American painting, a source of inspiration . His series of works on behalf of the “Spanish Elegy ” is undoubtedly the 20th century monument of Western art for . Twombly (1928 -) was born in the United States . He is a post-war American abstract expressionism in the new generation of artists born . Since 1957 , he settled in Rome, and began writing a series of large-scale works , his most frequent use of charcoal , colored pencil , marker, or oil painting on paper created works ranging from between words and lines , sometimes formal, sometimes Bold , almost fanatical passion in graffiti , the artist details and the overall control of the rhythm , and inserted a number of lightning -like lines . Twombly is the American abstract expressionist painter in the artistic style of the most undisciplined, the most controversial works , style most graffiti artists, but also to the world a profound impact on abstract art artists .

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