Representatives of Western abstract painters 4
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Tapies ( 1923 - born in Barcelona, Spain . Tapies first of the specialties is the law, mid-life switch dedicated to artistic creation , is a self-taught , self-taughtArtists. Tapies ’s early works has been the impact of Milo and Eastern philosophy . Therefore, he is also fond of Eastern culture, world-class artists . He also funded the construction of the home library of a Eastern culture . Tapies Art biggest feature is the variety of experiments and the use of composite materials . He ’s universally acknowledged the inherent Painting Personal style - that is, non- formalism , is a kind of drawing attention to the movement material . This expression means full advantage of the different types of materials , and explore the use of material properties . In his dramatic works, Tapies free to use gravel , sand and rock art, the special charm of the performance of integrated materials . His work both lyrical romantic elements , but also traces of the cold abstract rationality . Hot and cold fusion make his works a sense of heavy and have tremendous , ridiculous appears the superior wisdom and skill. His works of contemporary abstract art had a tremendous impact , also affected a number of contemporary Chinese abstract artists . Zao (1921 -) was born in Beijing, China . He was 14 years old to enter Hangzhou Art College Learning , has studied underLin, Wu Dayu , and affected. School to teach after graduation . Settled in Paris in 1948 . Early Learning Italian , Dutch and French classical painting, and popular Picasso , Matisse and Klee and other Western influence modern artists , creative people and landscapes to figurative painting mainly . Since 1954 into the abstract , so abstract like Oracle or Zhongding Wen symbols , floating in the nothingness of space and color changes into , full of Oriental mystery symbolic . After the symbol to dissipate , the picture for the free stroke and replaced by large areas of color , and gradually return to the Chinese cultural landscape of Qiyun and artistic conception, as the use of modern Western art forms and techniques , to express the elegant mysterious oriental divine painter . In 2002 was elected Fellow of the French Academy of Art for life , is the Chinese art in the world and honor the highest achievements of artists. Chu (1920 -) , Anhui, China Xiao County . He was 15 years ( 1935) obtain Hangzhou National Art College. Chu Zao lower than one class higher than the Wu class , and now three world-class artists . It is no coincidence . Because Lin Feng Mian is the president , Pan taught Chinese ink painting and calligraphy , Wu Dayu teach painting . Have a great day . Chu graduates to stay in school teaching assistant in 1951 when a professor at National Taiwan Normal University . In Paris in 1955 , began writing in 1956, an abstract painting . Explore five years , Mr. Zhu Dequn made outstanding achievements , international reputation as an abstract artist, he won the 1999 French Academy of Arts honors , becoming the first Chinese hospital Fellow two centuries . Whether his figurative or abstract painting , Western commentators have word of a speech : Chu is painting depicts the spirit of the master of Chinese ink painting , he was bold and vigorous with rich deep color patches of H picturesque , the pursuit of far-reaching of the universe Sense of space and the infinite passion of the words rhyme , Beyond the possible ring . Other well-known abstract artists are: Hoffmann ( 1880-1966 ), Louis ( 1912-1916 ), Crane ( 1910-1962 ), etc.
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