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Aeonity Changes Spreadsheet

Posted by on Jul 11th, 2007 10:59:31 am - Subscribe
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Aeonity Changes Spreadsheet

Recently we created a new Spreadsheet which outlines changes that are planned for on its journey to becoming an official v3.0 release. Given the amount of time estimated to take to do the update all at once this seemed like the more logical route.

The group discussion can be found here:
Aeonity Changes Group Discussion.

If you would like to view the spreadsheet, it can be found on Google Documents located here.

Please give us feedback at the Google Group discussion page. Note if for some reason the Google Documents spreadsheet does not work for you, a downloadable version can be found on Aeonity's Google Group.

Development Update
Things are slowly progressing. The summer has became very busy for us, which was unexpected. We are working on improving Aeonity with the little time we have. Please bare with us as we get these much anticipated features coded and tested for Aeonity's use. Please during this time report all and any errors you may come accross via the Contact Page.

Thanks for your continued support of!

Aeonity Internet Team

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