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Aeonity Hardware Failure

Posted by on Jan 14th, 2006 3:21:07 am - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Our Servers Hard drive Failed

Our Servers Hard drive Failed

Recently our servers hard drive failed on Aeonity January 13th 2006, but luckily we backed up our database on January 3rd of 2006.

Basically what this means is that 10 Days of blogging information is gone, along with other various content areas. Jim and I will be addressing this issue on Monday with our hosting company, and hopefully that can some how get compensated.

Right now its 3:18 AM CST and Aeonity is missing various areas on the website. If you notice any errors, please post them here.


Posted by frost on January 14th, 2006

Very pissed. We are also working on a backup program to where every night we have EVERYTHING backed up automatically. We are sorry about this. FUCK!



Posted by lost_souls on January 14th, 2006

So are we going to get the last 10 days back?

Posted by frost on January 14th, 2006

No the last 10 days are gone. We are very sorry about that.


Posted by david on January 14th, 2006

Any notice any errors or the site? If so, please leave a comment.

Posted by unplugged on January 14th, 2006

were pissed?I am so freaking pissed but its not your fault.I painstakingly upload my photos and put them on my blog,rather,BLOGS and now the entries are gone!!They are gone.G-O-N-E.Gone. Again,i know its not your fault,but what can i do?I just need to rant like a god-forsaken bitch. I'm sorry,you can ignore all that i just said.

Posted by david on January 14th, 2006

It's ok, we spent the last 6 days about 3 hours a day updating Aeonity with more content and features. Now its gone. The only thing that we can do that is in our budget is start over from the 3rd. If we had the money, their is no doubt that we would have the hardware sent back to us and at that point we could try a recovery ourselves. But right now its not in our budget. Monday I will be contacting our webhosting about this incident and Im sure they will credit us for a couple of months of service. Again, we are sorry.

Posted by frost on January 14th, 2006

The main page back up? What are you referering to?


Posted by misty_rain on January 14th, 2006

Ah. somebody stole your content. forgive me for thinking that you guys sold us out. I was wondering how much they paid

Posted by frost on January 14th, 2006

We will work on the images.


Posted by deathcab4u on January 15th, 2006

Thank you guys for working so hard for all of us. I really appreciate all the hard work that goes in to Aeonity. A lot of hard work and dedication by you guys has made this the best blog community on the web as far as I'm concerned. Thanks guys.

Posted by misty_rain on January 15th, 2006


Posted by velouria on January 15th, 2006

My first few days of blogging are gone :-( I guess I'll re-create them GRRRRRRRRRRR

Posted by david on January 16th, 2006

We're sorry velouria, these types of things happend. As administrators we will try not let this situation occur again.

Posted by velouria on January 16th, 2006

Back up nightly :-)

Posted by frost on January 16th, 2006

Yea, well it was harder than it is said. Aeonity's DB is over 100MBs thats a large database. The average is only about 10MBs maybe. But we are doing that now.


Posted by misty_rain on January 16th, 2006

That's a lot of work. Maybe you guys should add a button for voluntary donations grin.gif Similar to what the developer of Spybot did.

Posted by wade on January 19th, 2006

As for bugs, my last entry would not preview. I haven't tried to see if it's fixed. Maybe later.

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