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Aeonity Server Updates Coming Soon!

Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2007 2:06:21 pm - Subscribe
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Server Updates Coming!
We were prompted by an email from CIHost, Aeonity's current hosting company with an end of the month deal. These deals were too good for us to pass up, so we jumped on two key deals. This will cause a server outage which is right now unknown but we will do a full backup of Aeonity before any work is done on the server. When we know the dates and times we will post them up. Here are the features we are Upgrading on Aeonity.

Double our Servers Memory
As everyone knows Memory or RAM is the key to keep your server running smoothly at times of high-traffic. Since Memory is key for that we decided to double our servers memory. Hopefully we will see a speed increase of load times on web pages and for when we expand this will help tremendously to keep our load time speeds at a minimal.

Clone Backup Drive with Daily Backups
Well we have all seen what happens with a slip of the button from past mistakes we have made. Hopefully the Daily backup feature to a cloned Harddrive will prevent this from happening. Currently we are only able to backup once every 15days for all of our sites. So if we have a crash or an accidental mess-up it is possible we are out 15 days worth of data. This should no longer be a cause for concern as everything should now be backed up on a cloned Harddrive daily!

Now you can have un-doubt able faith in Aeonity to have your data backed up and a very low risk of losing any data.

With these new upgrades we hope to continually update Aeonity and bring in more traffic as our server should be ready to handle just about anything. With the daily backups we also hope to have increased faith that Aeonity will not lose your data.

Questions feel free to contact us using the Contact Form.

Aeonity Internet Team

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