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Aeonity Update - Ad To Come

Posted by on Jun 8th, 2011 12:07:29 pm - Subscribe
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Hello All!

Aeonity has sadly been neglected for a long time. We are trying our best to get the time to do some massive over-hauls on the site, and hopefully by summers end we will have something great to show for our efforts and bring Aeonity into the 2010-2020 era. We are constantly battling against Aeonity being used as a massive Spam spot, and hopefully the new system assists in preventing that.

We have prided ourselves on being Ad-Free for nearly 6 years! An amazing feat, which unfortunately that is going to change in the upcoming weeks. This is in an effort to support our server and development costs; we will be adding a single Leaderboard Ad to all of Aeonity users. This Ad will only display when the user logged out / browsing anonymously. To remove the ad, you simply have to register, or login.

Since we are simply testing the waters here, we are going to have an 'opt-out' feature. When the system is implemented, we will give more instructions on how you can opt out of having the AD display at the top of your blog. However, even if the AD has been removed, the new header bar will remain, as it will contain useful links for you, such as an Easier Entry creation link / Edit Entry link and more. We hope this new feature will be welcomed and people enjoy having a bit more streamlined access to their Blog and Blogging options.

We are excited about the new changes and nervous about a few others. Please be verbose on your opinion and offer constructive criticism, any rude, or unwarranted remarks will be removed and your account may be banned. We accept the negative as the positive, but there is a right way to present it and a wrong way. Please do it the right way.

Comments? Suggestions? Please comment below or use the Contact form to contact us and let us know. Thanks!

Aeonity Internet Team

Posted by anonymous on August 29th, 2016

how long do we keep waiting.please

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