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Aeonity Updates - UTF8, LinkOut and AB

Posted by on May 3rd, 2010 10:50:04 am - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: UTF8 Supported, AB Section Updated, LinkOut Added to All Links

Hello all,

After a long time without much work being done, we have had time to do some basic fixes, which in all honesty should have been done years ago. Aeonity now supports the UTF8 Charset for Blogs, Comments and Templates. We have modified the current templates that were the default ISO and switched them to UTF8. This should make for less "weird characters" being displayed due to copying / pasting from MS Office in particular. This should also help with a few foreign languages.

If you find any bugs, please let us know right away through our Contact Form.

We also have added a "Linkout" to all links on pages. We are working on a "safe-list" that we will add our dedicated and true members. The logic behind the LinkOut (Which simply adds a top frame to the link) is that many spammers will not like this, which of course pleases us. We have also set all links to have a rel="nofollow" tag. Again, we are working on a system for our loyal users to remove these items for them. But for now we need to keep Aeonity Blog in good standing with sites by not actively linking to known spamming websites. This LinkOut frame page will also help generate Ad-Revenue for Aeonity, which of course is how we are paying for the server now.

Currently you will only see Ads on the LinkOut page and in our "sister" section "AB" which has Free Flash Games and Free Flash Soundboards! So if you did not know about this section, we suggest you go check it out. Hours of fun for free! We are constantly working on adding more content and categories to the AB Section. The future plans are to add flash content such as music and videos! Keep checking back, and we will keep you informed of new sections as they come up!

Thank you for being Aeonity Blog supporters, and we do apologize for the neglect over the years. Lifes have changed dramatically, but we hope to devote some time this summer to improving our wonderful site!

Aeonity Development Team

Posted by fiona on May 09th, 2010

How nice that you still care about and keep this service for all of us. Thank you. happy.gif

Posted by astronaut on May 11th, 2010

Awesome! This is exciting.

Edit: I was also wondering if I could change many entires at once into private entries?

I recently found that my blog has leaked somewhere and it would take ages for me to make each entry private. sad.gif

Posted by frost on May 16th, 2010

Send a request through the contact form. And it will be done as time allows it.

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