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Aeonity uses Blinklist for Content

Posted by on Mar 8th, 2006 10:07:26 am - Subscribe
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For the past few months we have been using Blinklist for much of our online content. The process works really well and we extremely excited with the results & promotion that we have recieved since. The way it works is we create content, for example a Game, Soundboard, or Video. Once that is done we submit the content to Blinklist with a Hot Keyed Favorite.

About Blinklist
BlinkList is a very fast, powerful and easy to use your online bookmarking manager. Screw folders, BlinkList works the same way the human mind operates. So, the next time you want to save a link to a great site, article, or blog, just blink it and tag it (mark it with multiple keywords and phrases) so you can quickly find your information again. Using tagging, a tag manager, and the ability to star your favorites (tags, links and users) and links, BlinkList offers a far superior way to save, share, and access all the content you discover online.

It's kinda like a Social Bookmarking Website, but the users are more interested in the links rather than leaving you snotty comments. happy.gif

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    Aeonity is a Top 3 Contributer to Blinklist.

  • Posted by mdeleon on March 21st, 2006

    Blinklist is cool, but i still prefer and Furl, allthough they arent as nice lookign as blinklist, i just use them to keep bookmarks online and to keep shownotes for my podcast.

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