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aeonity New Advertisements Added - Subscribe
Hello everyone, as you may have noticed we have added a set of text advertisements to the community. This is a big addition so we felt it only be proper to let you know how these programs work. These advertisements located on the top of Aeonity Pages will help us keep the site going for years upon years to come. So long as our users and vistors click upon there interests upon them.

Here is an example:
Advertisement Example

Currently we only have large scale ads on the site that expand from one side of our site to the other. These ads can be found on top of your favorite web content. Here are some internet sites where they can be found.

  • Aeonity Articles
  • Aeonity Help Section
  • Aeonity Games
  • Aeonity Videos
  • Aeonity Soundboards

    Please keep in mind, that we will never add advertisements to your blogs. We stand behind our words in ad-free blogging.
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    aeonity Free Blog Image Hosting Services Oct 13th, 2005 9:43:12 pm - Subscribe
    Aeonity has made many improvements throughout the past 6 months. Everything from private blogging advancements, time zones, search engine friendly urls, subscriptions, and now we are proud to introduce a long awaited feature...

    Aeonity Blog Image Hosting

    This feature is available to all Aeonity Members who are interested in adding images to their blogs without having to use 3rd party services.

    Our system will allow 25 images to be uploaded at this time, with image file size limits of 150KB. These limitations may change in the near future, if we can work out all the bugs. Currently we do allow hotlinking of images hosted on our server to other websites. But, if we notice high amounts of abuse in this area, we will be forced to disallow hotlinking for bandwidth reasons.

    Restriction Overview
  • 25 Image upload limit
  • Image must be under 150KB
  • Supported images .jpg .gif .png
  • Image hosting is for members only.

    Click here to get started!

    All users are urged to add this blog to their friends, or subscription list for updates on our advancements.

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    Free Blog Image Hosting Services
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    aeonity Now with Blog Spam Filter Technology Oct 16th, 2005 2:09:53 pm - Subscribe
    Blog Spam Filter Technology v1.0

    Recently we created a new spam filter for Aeonity several months back, and we must say that it has been nothing more than a success for our community.

    Why a spam filter for Aeonity? Well basically we ran into several (50+) members who joined Aeonity to promote there own personal products, and website. Some of theses links were in adult nature, and many software based.

    Our code has the ability to locate newly created blogs on aeonity, and distinguish weither or not it's content is quality information, or if it is spam based content. If it is quality content meaning no spam, than it is published to the site for all of the community to view, but if it is spam it is automatically removed.

    What makes our system unique is that the spammer thinks his blog content is published, when in actuality it never is. In fact the member is then reported and email by the server to the Aeonity Internet Team. Rather neat huh?

    No Spam on Your Blog?
    That's proof that our scripting is working for you, and all of our blog members everyday at every hour.

    Warning to Spammers
    If your website is black listed on Aeonity, your domain can never be linked off of the community ever again. This also includes comment spamming and affiliate linking.
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    aeonity Yahoo Publishers Calls the Aeonity Company Oct 17th, 2005 4:32:16 pm - Subscribe
    A few minuites ago Janine Martin from the Yahoo Company gave us a call welcoming to Yahoo Publishers. She asked our company by company owner David if we had any questions regarding the program, and if we were pleased with the services rendered thus far.

    First off we thanked her for the call, and let her know that our company has been very pleased with they Yahoo Publisher Service. She followed up letting us know that our impression views have been awesome in such little time, and for us to keep up the great work during the beta process of Yahoo Publishers. We mentioned to her that php is having trouble displaying relevent ads using includes server side, she understood made it a priority with us. She followed up with an email stating:

    We encourage you to send feedback to us regarding your Yahoo! Publisher Network account. Your feedback helps us address problems and create the ideal program for our publishers. We will continue to accept feedback throughout the beta test period, so please continue to provide us with your comments and requests.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further assistance.


    Janine Martin
    Customer Solutions

    Having troubles relating to our advertisements with Yahoo?
    Click here to learn more about our Yahoo Publisher Advertisements
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    aeonity Blog Page Rank on Google Oct 20th, 2005 5:51:36 pm - Subscribe
    Aeonity's Page Rank on Google is now a,


    Which is rather nice. So what is a Google Page Rank? Well basically its Google's way of ranking your website based on how many people link to you, and how many people you link to. Many other things are considered when a website / blog recieves a page rank. For example, how often the webpage is updated, is the content on the page new & unique...and finally do people link their websites to it? For a more comprehesive list of information go to Googles Page Rank Technology Page.

    Want to know your Blog's Page Rank?
    Check your Blog's Google Page Rank

    Members, if you are at a Page Rank 3 Congradulations, your on your way to an excellent blog site. If not, keep updating your blog daily, ask friends to link you, and were sure you will notice a boost within a few weeks or so.
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