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Blog Page Rank on Google

Posted by on Oct 20th, 2005 5:51:36 pm - Subscribe
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Aeonity's Page Rank on Google is now a,


Which is rather nice. So what is a Google Page Rank? Well basically its Google's way of ranking your website based on how many people link to you, and how many people you link to. Many other things are considered when a website / blog recieves a page rank. For example, how often the webpage is updated, is the content on the page new & unique...and finally do people link their websites to it? For a more comprehesive list of information go to Googles Page Rank Technology Page.

Want to know your Blog's Page Rank?
Check your Blog's Google Page Rank

Members, if you are at a Page Rank 3 Congradulations, your on your way to an excellent blog site. If not, keep updating your blog daily, ask friends to link you, and were sure you will notice a boost within a few weeks or so.

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