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Color Update featuring Spam Control

Posted by on Jun 6th, 2006 8:05:58 pm - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Color Update & Spam Control

As we you guys have noticed we have changed up the colors on Aeonity. Keep in mind, that all colors on are temporary, and can change at anytime. We are working on a system that will change the colors on Aeonity to a 'color choosing' based system. Now we can not make any promises that this will be done, but we are indeed looking into it for everybody.

We have noticed that our spam counter on Aeonity is doing its job along with our spam blocking technology that we implemented back October of 2005. Hooray for spam control! cool.gif

If you guys notice spam comments or spam based blogs on Aeonity please contact us with the address so that we may remove it immediately from the community. We always try our best blocking spam but sometimes, a couple can slip through the cracks.

Posted by runawaykid on June 06th, 2006

yay for new colors (soon) lol!! purple aeonity here i come!

Posted by david on June 07th, 2006

Very cool, we will keep you updated indie-guy. We are still looking into a music side of Aeonity and once we make some more progress we will notify you.

Posted by jim on June 12th, 2006

We are trying to get a few updates out, but my time has been consumed by much more important stuff for now and will continue for another week or two. I will try and do a few little updates here and there but for the time being most of the changes will be design/interface (IE David) who I am most appreciative of for taking care of Aeonity while I am trying to get everything that has happened over the past few weeks hashed out.

We hope to have new changes happen by the end of the year, life style changes are fun =)


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