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Double Subject Posting Issues

Posted by on Oct 29th, 2005 2:23:45 am - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Create Unique Titles for Your Blogs

Recently a new issue has been unvailed. Naming multiple blogs with the same subject has proven to be problematic. This issue has been resolved from now on out. If you would like people to comment on your blog I would suggest making unique titles for your subjects. "No Subject" is very un-descriptive and draws traffic away from your blog.

From now on if you have a post with the same subject a date stamp in the form of 2005-october-29 (Year Month Day) will be added. If the title with that stamp already appears a -1 will be added. If that already appears a -2 will be added. This will go on until the subject is unique. I will not be doing a query on the current database to correct the previous issues. If you as the blogger truly cares then fix it. You are now informed about this issue, comments welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.

--Aeonity Team

Posted by playwright on October 29th, 2005

Thank you so much for fixing this! It has been such a hassle trying to comment on blogs with the same titles.

Posted by frost on October 29th, 2005

Then try to be unique with your titles.


Posted by david on October 29th, 2005

Be diffrent, create a better title for your entries people. happy.gif

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