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Easy Search Engine Traffic Tips

Posted by on Oct 21st, 2005 10:25:41 pm - Subscribe
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Below are some quick and easy ways to boost your search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. This is very important if you are interested in more traffic to your blog or website.

1. Be specific in your title
Title your website by the content you provide on it. When creating a blog entry or website title, always add great keywords to it.

A. Example of a good title:
Playstation 3 Release Date in Spring 2006.

B. Example of a bad title:
Playstation 3.

(The larger the font the better on Subject Areas)

2. Unique content with keywords
The keywords that you use in your title must always be in your content. This helps search engines distinguish what is good content and what is bad. Any website can have a good title, but a good title must be supported by great content.

3. Add related links on your content
Add great links that support the content you are talking about. For example, we will use these tips articles. Some great websites that talk about our title Easy Search Engine Traffic Tips are Search Engine Watch - Intro to Search Engine Optimization, and Mike New - Site Promotion Articles. Adding such links like these supports the article and doing the same on your content will help give you a boost in search engines too.

4. Use excellent grammar on your content
Search engines are getting smarter and so should we. Try not to misspell your words, use run on sentences, or use the infamous dot dot dot before going to your next sentence. Using great grammar reflects on the user and his or her content. Good grammar equals excellent search engine results.

5. Submit your Website to Search Engines
Submit your Website to Google
Submit your Website to Yahoo
Submit your Website to MSN

6. Make your Text Visable
Keep in mind that not everyone has excellent vision, so bump up that font size. Also search engines appreciate larger fonts too.

7. Promote your Blog on Forums and on other Websites
The more incoming links to your blog the higher your rank on the internet. So get out there an add that your link.

8. Update your website content daily
The more you update your website the better. Search engines will see that your website / blog has a pulse and your more likely to be added for inclusion into the search engine. But keep in mind #3 when creating topics.

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