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Emo Blog to Aeonity Statement

Posted by on Jul 15th, 2005 12:51:29 pm - Subscribe
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So whats this New Aeonity website, and what happened to the old Emo Blog? Well in all actuality nothing happened to Emo Blog, it still exists but now its on Aeonity. To clear things up a little bit here is our statement.

Why did Emo Blog change to Aeonity?
July 15, 2005

We recieved many inquiries on how the site was not related to the emo genre, not that we really did care but we did not want to recieve incoming traffic from people that thought it was. That was not the point of our site, though many members thought it was. We decided to change our name, becouse we were tierd of taking the time out to send emails to try resolve a simple domain 'name' preference. We had better things to do. The number one thing is taking care of our users and two, creating new features for them. When we say, Emo Blog is NOT Emo we really do mean it.

But seriously, whats in a domain name? Who cares if Emo Blog changed to Aeonity? Everything else is the same, and we the developers now have a new BOOST to press on with more programming. Did anyone care when came out? Im sure many people didnt like the name, but hey they had great products and a selection that can beat any internet based store. We hope to do the same in blogging. When developing a website, its all about the content, and the member who interact in it. A select amount of 20 random emo blog users were emailed the following 2 questions.

1st Question asked to random users
'What do you think of the name Emo Blog' The number one response was, it has to do with Emo Music. The second was, it has to do with Emo based writing and enzining.

2nd Question asked to random users
The next question that was asked to the same users: What do you think of Aeonity. The number one response was, 'Wow that sounds cool, and very unique'. The second was, 'It sounds like a community or group, like unity.'

We agreed with our user responses. Aeonity is a perfect choice for our innovations. 18 of 20 users agreed with us, it took 1 month to recieve all emails. It had more of a ring than Emo Blog. So this gave us more of a push to pursue the name.

In conclusion we made our choice for the better of Emo Blog, the future of Aeonity, and for more innovations in the advancements of free blog publishing. We hope you stand by us in our decision as you always have, thank you for being apart of our little piece on the internet.

Questions, concerns? Email us.
- Aeonity Internet Team (Formely Emo Blog)

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