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Posted by on Jun 13th, 2006 10:29:39 am - Subscribe
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If you are interested in submitting your site to, please follow the instructions below:

Submitting Instructions:

  1. Please tell us how you located Aeonity (search engine, word-of-mouth, etc.).

  2. Add a link to on your site. (Preferably on your welcome page). A listing with us will deliver a constant amount of visitors to your site. (Most of the sites we list get a majority of their traffic from And if you link us on your welcome page, we'll go the extra mile to see that you're pleased with the traffic we send you. Click here for linking suggestions.

  3. Thanks a bunch and click here to submit. Please mention the URL of where you've linked us on your site. (Note that is family-friendly and we cannot list blog related resources that aren't appropriate for a family audience).

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    Webmasters keep in mind that Aeonity is a Page Rank 6 website, that was acquired in only 1 years time.

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