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Free Blog Template Creation

Posted by on Sep 25th, 2007 5:19:58 pm - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Creation Free Blog Templates for Aeonity

Free Blog Template Creation

Hello everyone!

Well given that we are looking for some new Web v2.0 templates and would love to have some of our users create them we are offering a service so to speak. Basically the deal will be if you can create a normal design with html, not worrying about tieing the design into Aeonity, we will do the implementation!

We will Implement the Templates
We are willing to take any design you give us for a template and implement it into Aeonity code! This means you simply have to create it! Now there will be some rules and guidelines for submitting which we will go over right now.

Rules for Submitting a Blog Template
1. First rule is we will only accept templates through email in a text or html file and or an archive of the files.
2. All images, outside stylesheets, etc must be included with the file.
3. The design must be your own, we will not tolerate you stealing someone else's work to pass it off as your own, unless you provide us with the full source of where you obtained the template.
4. You will be credited on the template.
5. Have fun with it!

What are you waiting for?
Get cracking on the design! Remember we will implement it for you and publish it for Aeonity users! No more hassles or worrying about trying to learn the Aeonity template scheme. As long as the design as actual data in it we will convert it for you! We are hoping that this will inspire the community to know that we, the developers, are willing to split the effort 50/50 with you. We appreciate everyone who submits the template.

Where to Submit
Please submit all templates to:
admin [-at-] aeonity [-dot-] com

Thanks everyone!

Aeonity Internet Team

Posted by irmawan on September 27th, 2007

thank u for all

Posted by david on September 27th, 2007

FrosT has alot of great templates coming. Prepare.

Posted by anonymous on November 02nd, 2007

It's OK.Happy to see it .really
but I have something wrong to creat my own blog.

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