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Free Search Engine Friendly Urls

Posted by on Aug 6th, 2005 12:50:30 am - Subscribe
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Search Engine Friendly URLs - New Feature!

Aeonity Blog has a new free feature, automatic Search Engine Optimized URLs. Now when you type in a subject such as, "One day I walked!" it will be converted into something like, "one-day-walked" so if I were to reference this post, as you may already see it is simply:

Just remember all common words, and any special characters are going to get filtered out. Because of this we implemented tougher rules on the subject which are listed below:

1. Longer than 3 characters.
2 Has at least 1 word.
3. Cannot contain any other language other than english.

If you have issues with this please let us know. Thank you.

--Aeonity Staff

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