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How to Recover your Old Blog Content

Posted by on Jan 18th, 2006 10:57:07 pm - Subscribe
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This article is in reference to our Harddrive Failure on January 13th 2006

Guess what guys for the past week we have been recovering our old article, soundboard, games, directory, and even blog content! Cool huh, and too think I never we thought to announce it.

Well this can be done with Google Cache!

  • To get started simply go to Google.

  • Once you are there type in your blogs url into google.

  • Once that is done click on the link that looks like this:
    Show Google's cache of

    Thats it! From their you can simply copy and paste all your old blogs back to Aeonity. If you guys need help add your questions here.

  • Posted by ringlet on January 18th, 2006

    That's . . interesting. ^^ Probably wouldn't have helped me, though, since my account was new and all. Really smart advice, though.

    Posted by deathcab4u on January 19th, 2006

    Awww, I'm too late. It recently cached mine the 16th and doesn't include the missing days sad.gif

    Posted by wade on January 19th, 2006

    My blog url produces no hits. So sad.

    Posted by perfect110 on January 22nd, 2006

    I don't understand... =( I would like to get my blogs back... but it's not working when I tried to do that... can I get the comments and all of that back? blah- I have been gone for a few days and am totally out of the loop as to what happened around here...!? perfect~

    Posted by david on January 22nd, 2006

    Wade, promote your blog on the Aeonity Directory, and with other blog directories.

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