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Looking for New Ideas for Aeonity

Posted by on Nov 21st, 2005 3:25:52 pm - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: New Ideas for Aeonity Blog Community

We are currently looking for some fresh new ideas for Aeonity. Let me explain our situation. Aeonity's content, which is massively growing is hard to access. Meaning a blog I posted even maybe 5 days ago is a pain to locate and find. If I have not been on for 5 days chances are I missed a bunch of posts that I probably would of loved to read. We have a few of our own ideas but we would like to hear what Aeonity thinks will work.

The latest blog Entries works great for about 2 days unless someone posts an enourmous amount of blogs. Then that whole system is kind of at a loss. That and if you posted a bunch of those blogs chances are only the first few will be viewed, read and commented on.

The goal here is to make blogs easier to access and noticable to everyone. We thought about Member of the Week or even day, but that is just for one person. What about the other 2,000 some ought users? Just for some information here are a few ideas that we have thought up:

Master-List - This will be a list of all your blogs ever posted. The idea behind it is if someone wants to locate a particular blog you posted they just have to view your master list to find it. The master list can be done a couple of different ways. First way is all the blog content on this list. Meaning comments and everything, with a link to the actual blog. The second way is just the title of blog with a short "description" of what the blog contains. Which way is better we are still deciding.

Archives - We know we have the archives, but we also know that feature is not used as much mainly because we have not promoted it like we probably should have. Is there a particular way you would like to see us promote the Archives, design different ways of viewing it? Let us know if so. We are completely open for ideas right now.

Groups - This one would take a lot of work but it may prove to be helpful. Latest entries by groups. A "Group" would basically be bloggers who are attached to a catgory. For instance, FrosT's Blog would be considered apart of the "Programming" group. If you click on the latest entries for "Programming" you would probably see some entries posted by me. We are not too sure about this idea, but like I said we are open for anything.

Have you got an idea, please post us some more ideas. Two guys can only cook up so much food. Post your ideas here, if your idea is implemented, we will provide some type of incentive which is yet to be determined. If you post an idea and have an idea what you would like in return if we do implement your idea well we will take it into consideration.

What are your ideas?

--Aeonity Team

Posted by frost on November 21st, 2005

Maybe a weekly, I do not think a Daily one would work out well. What is this "Tags" business all about? Please explain more thorough. Thanks.


Posted by frost on November 21st, 2005

Yep we need more ideas. The search box would be great especially for people's individual blog. I may have to act on that one. Keep them coming.


Posted by anonymous on November 22nd, 2005

And could we get RSS feeds for those "latest" lists...I could see using any one of those as a "CNN" style screensaver to leave on whilst doing other things.

Ability to email in blog entries?


Posted by frost on November 22nd, 2005

Yea the blocking IP is not a very good idea, namly because someone can access it from school, a public library or that are on Dial-up always get a new IP. But we will look for alternate methods.


Posted by david on November 23rd, 2005

The only sucessfuly chat system we had was the box chat. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to bring it back for a while. Im really diggin indy-guys idea on a user-specific search box.

Posted by giolover on November 30th, 2005

yah i think the chat box would be a great idea of reinstalling

Posted by amente on December 03rd, 2005

A friends only feature. I know we can make the entries private but um that's a bit of a hassle, checking that stupid little box every freaking time. -gits teeth-

Posted by jeni on December 05th, 2005

I would really like to enable user to comment more than once on a blog entry.

Posted by deathcab4u on December 06th, 2005

Bringing back the chat box, that would be fun. I'm not sure how big we are anymore. There are a lot more posters now than a year ago. Also, it really just ended up being dancing bannanas...but that was hilarious.

I think it might be interesting to have some sort of groups. That, or each entry can be classified into a group.

If I were to write a poem...maybe i could put it into a poetry group. If I wrote a music review, i could put it into that group and so on. Then people could look at the poetry group and see the latest poetry entries, the music review group...latest reviews. I think that could be interesting. It would basicaly be latest Blogs, but different catagories for them.

Posted by perfect110 on December 06th, 2005

Maybe we could have like different *sections* to put all the blogs into. Like in the subject we say what the blog is kinda about (poems, family, friends, dating, religion) and then all of the blogs of the same thing can be grouped together. That way- you can have you blogs in different sections, and hopefully one person wouldn't post a bunch of the same type of blog... And then like on the main page or something you could have all the sections listed- so all that you would have to do is click on the kind of section you want to read about- and TA DA you get a whole list of blogs about that particule subject... i donno- just an idea?! perfect~

Posted by frost on December 06th, 2005

Awesome idea Perfect. We will definatley take this into consideration when deciding which new features we want to add to Aeonity.


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