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New Proposed Blog Member Features

Posted by on Oct 30th, 2005 10:17:40 pm - Subscribe
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Here are some additions that we might plan on making avaliable with in the next few months. If one of these additions interests you, or if you have an idea let us know by commenting.

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Member Additions

  • Blog entries that have been updated (edited)
  • Create a blog entry by email
  • Classify yourself in a member group
  • Categories - Categorize your blog entries to suit there classifications
  • Ranking a member high or low
  • Block a member from your blog
  • Javascript add content to your website
    a. Newest Users
    b. Your Newest Entries
    c. Latest Comments
  • Calendar Page - Calendar page area to monitor how many blog entries have been created. aka: calendar.php
  • Gallery Page - Gallery page area to view images a user has uploaded. aka: gallery.php
  • Last Time Online on Users Profile by date
  • Latest Entry on Users Profile
  • Latest Comment on Users Profile
  • Add zipcode field to import various local community information.
  • Add Image to user profile, and to blogs templates. To note if user is online or not.
  • Add AIM / Y! / ICQ / MSN / GOOGLE to Profile
  • More Profile Information including previous / current school information

  • New UserCP with a more Homepage Feel.
  • Email a user from Aeonity. This remove email from profile.
  • Make aeonity a default friend on members list
  • Fix mass email for users
  • User adds a default title for their blogs.
  • All users have default avatar if none uploaded
  • Member of the Day on Aeonity
  • Create style sheet for xml-feed's
  • Latest Images Uploaded by members.

    Keep checking back. New Proposed additions will be added here for the time being. Stay updated constantly by subscribing to this entry.

  • Posted by aeonity on October 30th, 2005

    If at all possible please give us feedback on a specific feature, and how it could be useful to you. Thank you!

    Posted by frost on October 30th, 2005

    Feedback is always good and welcomed!


    Posted by anonymous on October 31st, 2005

    I think the add IM feature to the profile would go well, with
    the proviso that the user can make it available only to friends. So they'd have to add the user as a friend for thier IM link to show up on the profile, or via a link on the blog.

    Blog entry by email is ok too.

    The fix mass email line sounds dangerous. I don't think if that means people get email to say a post has occurred that it is a good one. RSS is for that.

    Style sheet for feeds is a great idea. RSS view now could use the ability to expand comments.

    The ONLINE line should be a {User_state} type thing so that, for people who use thier own picture on the blog, they chould choose to make the picture glow to signify they are online, and hovering the picture tells you they are online, and possibly a pop-up caption gives the option to Go to thier Main Page, email user, or IM from there. I mean to say, the way it's done should support that kind of flexibility, not make it the default, as some people would definately not want a cartoony Online Now myspace style thier blog.

    I think the comments thing is good too. The profile should have the comments number a link to a comments page, like the Blog Entries.

    Members groups could be useful, but it would be nice if you could have properties on groups so that there are a few default Minor...that are restricted from blog posts with the keyword "Mature", or some such. It would help parents to know that they could put thier seven year old on, leave him be for a few minutes, knowing that he's probobly not going to get a lot of cussing, harassment, or possibly traumatizing content, by just marking him in the "Kiddie" group. happy.gif

    Posted by ecc on October 31st, 2005

    Great ideas I look forward to seeing them in action. Keep up the great work.

    Posted by anonymous on October 31st, 2005

    That would rock! I think we should let just Tahksik have a picture of herself in her profile! Tahksik rocks, and she should get her own thing like that. happy.gif

    Posted by aeonity on October 31st, 2005

    Again, if at all possible please give us feedback on a specific feature, and how it could be useful to you. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Posted by anonymous on November 01st, 2005

    The latest entry one is what I find very cool. I would love to be able to add that to my page ( much like you guys have it on yours) this would really help the traffic to my blog! I have local political blog and website, the traffic is really taking off! Duane

    Posted by frost on November 01st, 2005

    As of right now you can add the recent entries to your blog. The code is:

    <li>• <a href="{url}">{subject}</a>


    Posted by whistler on November 01st, 2005

    Cool thanks very much!

    Posted by anonymous on November 01st, 2005

    How would I do the most recent comments?

    Posted by david on November 01st, 2005

    anonymous, view the comment that FrosT posted above. It gives the code to add recent comments to your blog.

    Posted by gatwiri on November 01st, 2005

    How about a Rich Text Editor, instead of the text area where we create new entries? And the ability to add links to external graphics?

    Posted by frost on November 01st, 2005

    A rich text editor is not in our near future. Right now we are focusing on cleaning up the code and improving the speed. The speed as been improved drastically since August even. I am still not satisifed with how the code is. Once the code has been revamped and some higher priority issues have been resolved we will look into a Rich Text Editor. Thanks for the information.


    Posted by whistler on November 02nd, 2005

    I can do the most recent subjects but not comments how would I do that? I see that you have it ont he home page?

    Posted by frost on November 03rd, 2005

    We have not yet incorperated latest comments into the personal blogs due the fact no one requested it. We will add it to our list.


    Posted by david on November 03rd, 2005

    Hurm Im not sure how we would display a list of comments on ones blog. Perhaps we can had a latest comments on your website (outside aeonity), but on an Aeonity blog? I really dont see that happening. Hurm.

    Posted by whistler on November 04th, 2005

    That would work even better for me! Can I do that?

    Posted by perfect110 on December 06th, 2005

    I like the little *online now* thing, that would be pretty cool to have... perfect~

    Posted by frost on June 23rd, 2006

    Yea it is do-able and will be added to our "TODO" when we have time. I have been pretty busy/lazy the past month. Once get off my ass...well get on my ass I will start working on Aeonity again =)


    Posted by xheartache on September 07th, 2006

    a way of making your whole blogs private!

    Posted by tron on October 29th, 2006

    I want there to be a counter on indivudual blog entries so that I can see how many people read what I'm posting as per individual blogs.

    It would also be cool if on the list of latest blogs, blogs you've looked at could be italicised so you know you've already been there.

    I don't want im or nethin like that, i just wanna blog and see how many people have read it.

    Posted by drew7 on October 30th, 2006

    just wondering, if/when the changes are done, will we be prompted to make selections where applicable on our blogs? all sounds great, looking forward to it.

    Posted by frost on October 30th, 2006

    We are working on a scheme that is similiar to what you described drew. We are hoping it will work out well.


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