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New Smiles for Aeonity

Posted by on Feb 7th, 2006 11:39:00 pm - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Trillian Smilies for Aeonity

We have decieded to utilize Trillian Smilies for our standard smiles list. We plan on adding these same smiles to the Aeonity Chat Box for a cooler interactive emoticon experience. happy.gif

Find these Trillian Emoticons in your Create A Entry UserCP.

Posted by david on February 07th, 2006

The old ones have been backed up, and will no longer be in use. You can use the new smiles on your entries with in your UserCP.

Posted by rain_drop on February 08th, 2006

love em!!!!!! hey and i noticed they work in the comment boxes too..very cool. happy.gif ~rain_drop

Posted by perfect110 on February 16th, 2006

they are cute... perfect~

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