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New Template System for Aeonity

Posted by on Oct 11th, 2006 10:26:59 am - Subscribe
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Aeonity is going to be adding a new EASIER to use blog template system for ALL of Aeonity Blog Members in the first quarter of next year.

We plan on using open source technologies to help us in our efforts as a free blog community. Please note that your old blogs template will still be enabled, with no errors. But the new template system will make life on website developers so much easier.

Aeonity has been looking into many new ways to make website template development easier on the community. Earlier last year we announced that Aeonity was a more ADVANCED based community for bloggers that are familiar with HTML, BBcode, and other scripting based innovations. Now, we hope to change that. Making easier for the novice, to get started developing with little or no effort at all.

As usual we will keep you updated with our new innovations.

Please subscribe to the Aeonity for up to the minuite updates from our Aeonity Developers. (Registration on is required for subscriptions)

Posted by frost on October 11th, 2006

Neither can I, cheers on David! ^.-


Posted by end-of on October 25th, 2006

Go team!

Posted by mdeleon on October 30th, 2006

really looking forward to this. Currently I'm able to make changes here and there to the templates, but I'd love to create my own template so this should be awesome.

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