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Now with Blog Spam Filter Technology

Posted by on Oct 16th, 2005 2:09:53 pm - Subscribe
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Blog Spam Filter Technology v1.0

Recently we created a new spam filter for Aeonity several months back, and we must say that it has been nothing more than a success for our community.

Why a spam filter for Aeonity? Well basically we ran into several (50+) members who joined Aeonity to promote there own personal products, and website. Some of theses links were in adult nature, and many software based.

Our code has the ability to locate newly created blogs on aeonity, and distinguish weither or not it's content is quality information, or if it is spam based content. If it is quality content meaning no spam, than it is published to the site for all of the community to view, but if it is spam it is automatically removed.

What makes our system unique is that the spammer thinks his blog content is published, when in actuality it never is. In fact the member is then reported and email by the server to the Aeonity Internet Team. Rather neat huh?

No Spam on Your Blog?
That's proof that our scripting is working for you, and all of our blog members everyday at every hour.

Warning to Spammers
If your website is black listed on Aeonity, your domain can never be linked off of the community ever again. This also includes comment spamming and affiliate linking.

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