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SPAM System Upgraded & Site Speed Increased

Posted by on Sep 12th, 2010 3:18:29 pm - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: SPAM System Upgraded & Site Speed Increased

Hello all,

We have been working hard to improve our wonderful community. In this venture we have implemented a new Spam catching system, which will hopefully allow us to monitor spam more efficiently and effectively. We are very excited of the results we have seen in just the few short hours this system has been implemented. The new system will also allow us to track trends, ip addresses and emails which we will be reporting to the other communities that hate spam as much as we do.

Along with our spam system, we have been working hard to improve the speed of Aeonity, as we were finding its load times were way too slow by todays standards. We will continue to improve the speeds as we can, but the initial step was compression, which we have effectively done. This should cut down on our bandwidth and dish out our pages much faster to our end users.

Finally, we decided that any users who have 10 or more posts will NOT have to enter a reCaptcha to create a blog (we will work on this as well for comments). This should lessen the annoyance of our members who are loyal to us and publish content regularly.

In the next few months we hope to make some awesome changes to our site and will continue to improve it as time permits.

Thank you for being apart of our community!

Posted by christinab on November 22nd, 2010

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Posted by anonymous on December 14th, 2010

Its my pleasure too! Many Thanks!

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