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Spammers on Aeonity

Posted by on Dec 28th, 2005 11:56:11 am - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Spammers Spamming Aeonity

Hello Everyone,

As most of you probably have noticed there has been an increased number of spammers coming to Aeonity over the past few weeks. We are working hard at blocking these Spam Comments and Blog Posts. If you receive spam on your blog please email aeonity [at] gmail [dot] com the comment so we can update our spam filters.

Currently we have blocked over 300 spam posts in the past week! Which is great but there has been about 400 posts. We missed about 100, which we have cleared out over the past 48 hours and used those to update our filters. Please help us at Aeonity to keep Spamming to a minnimum by reporting a spam post to us. We will have a report button in the near future but as for now there is nothing except to just email us the spam post.

We thank you for taking the time for helping Aeonity to be a Spam Free Blog Community. Your help will not go without a thanks from the entire Aeonity Blog Community!

Help us help Aeonity from being a spam kingdom!

Here are some tips to prevent your posts from being marked as spam:

1. No links to which you receive credit or money. If we see anything that seems like there is a referrer fee we will delete that post.

2. Links are ok and are welcomed, just none which you receive any type of credit or royalty for.

3. Links are fine in comments but the same rules apply.

4. Any type of product advertising that links to a product which has a referer code to will be deleted.

5. We welcome reviews of products and encourage them just no links where you receive incentives or royalties to.

6. When in doubt contact us using the Contact Form and just ask, we will answer your question.

Thanks again!

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Posted by angkaraba on September 10th, 2007

thank's to All

Posted by anomsky on August 15th, 2008

gmana sich cara gunainnya???

Posted by thefragile on January 06th, 2009

thanks for this update dave and frost. i was wondering about posting links in my blogs.

Posted by danicake on April 15th, 2009

Thank you sir ^^

Posted by choroneko on March 13th, 2011

Thank you. =)

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