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Speed and Style Improvements for Aeonity

Posted by on Jun 19th, 2011 8:22:14 am - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Aeonity Styles and Site Speed Improvements

In an attempt at making Aeonity improved on Speed, we have made a bunch of changes to the code and style selector on Aeonity. The original style selector was bulky and slow, it required all the styles to be loaded at the same time, causing a 100KB download each time you visited the page. This is no longer. We have migrated to a new style selector, and now only 1 style has to be loaded each time!

This should greatly improve Aeonity's speed and performance and we hope it shows. Along with that we are working on fixing a bunch of minor errors here and there and will continue to do so prior to a site re-design and overhaul. Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope to make Aeonity much more exciting in the months to come!

Aeonity Internet Team

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