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Thinking of Hotlinking Aeonity Content? Think Again.

Posted by on Nov 6th, 2006 3:04:40 am - Subscribe
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Topic Concerns: Anti Hotlinking SWF Files

We have just released a new anti hotlinking system, that seems to be working really well. Jim and I are really pleased with how the system works so far its just the matter of time before its mastered.

Here is the idea. We have had many websites linking our Aeonity Games Flash Files to there website. No, not just a link from there website to ours...they were actually emedding our files and claiming it as there own.

Well, Jim spent the later part of the day creating an Anti Leech Code for our swf files, and I created some flash as a replacement to the game.

Here is how it works. When a visitor goes to there website, (before today) they would be able to play the game freely without any problems. Great for that website, bad for Aeonity. (Because of the stealing of bandwidth) But now with this new system, we created a flash movie that states:

Aeonity Games
Content Stolen From

The a popup windo of is shown, and if the visitor click the flash, they are sent to Aeonity Games. We understand that many people hate popups, but you know whats worse? People stealing your files, and hotlinking it to their website...costing aeonity bandwidth, server speeds, and a headache.

Examples of websites stealing from Aeonity


    (Copy a website from above and place it in your address bar to see an example of our Anti Leech System)

    Perhaps other webmasters will think twice before linking our files to there websites.

  • Posted by frost on November 06th, 2006

    Neither did we, but so far there have been over 6,000 requests for our flash files in 1 night...


    Posted by kurisuteen on November 06th, 2006

    sweet. i love when people get called out on their atrocities! y'all are too cool happy.gif

    Posted by qaz_2531 on November 08th, 2006

    props guys, that must not have been easy to figure out. and just as hard to put a stop to it, but u guys did ur work TOO well, cause i get blocked out of UR site, and get sent here. oh well, now i subscribe. good job guys.

    Posted by mdeleon on November 10th, 2006

    awesome, i hate content stealers. people always steal our articles and blog entries on projectspurs and display them on their site without a link. I'm glad it's not taking our bandwidth though.

    Posted by jerksaurus on November 10th, 2006

    hotlinking is such a big problem online for almost every site! my friend had a photgraphy website and he put so much effort into putting pictures up and stuff and people would constantly steal pictures from it.

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