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We Need Your Donations

Posted by on Mar 26th, 2009 6:51:40 pm - Subscribe
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This entry is related to the Scheduled Downtime for 03.27.09 entry that we have created.

Updates such as these come at a cost to us, and for these reasons we rely on our members for donations. In these times a hobby (like aeonity) that costs continuous money monthly and yearly can no longer be with out donations from our members.

We have never come to you to donate, but at this time we request that you do. A donation like yours will go into this years fund, in preparation for our next server dues.

Like you, we have families. We do this out of good will to you and your visitors. We making 0.00 on it. This is a loss to us. We could, add banners, pop-ups, and other various advertisements on your blog's but we have not. We believe in ad-free blogging, but if this continues, our hands will be full.

So we ask of you to assist us.

Posted by frost on April 09th, 2009

Thanks for that Eadwine!

Posted by loverearth on April 15th, 2009

I would like to donate but prefer to avoid Paypal. I'll look for an address or phone number by which to contribute. Thanks for your service. I hope you can avoid ads but if not is there a way to have ads that support decent causes?

Posted by anonymous on May 13th, 2009

i am a son of jesus i am belong in a very poor faimly in multan pakistan so i am also student of 2nd year so i have no money to pay my fee and my expanse so please help in my trouble i will pray for you so i hope you dont ignore me

Posted by 83na on June 14th, 2009

Donated :-)

It's not much but hey, I'm a student.

Posted by david on June 14th, 2009

Thank you 83na, anything helps!

Posted by yellowboy on June 14th, 2009

If the occasion arrives that you must include advertising, which will possibly happen, the best courses of action, according to many upcoming sites' experiences, involve avoiding certain types of advertising.

Embedded or traditional Pop-ups, whiteboxes, and "click the continue button to view the site" systems are the WORST way to have advertising. They interrupt the viewer's experience too harshly, and they offer nothing but browser problems.

T35 decided to be as minimalistic as possible by offering a bottom-of-screen text link row for their sites, along with Excoboard using a combination of that and picture banners being acceptable, as long as the pictures aren't any of those annoying dating site pictures with "exploitation-suggestive" images in there. Everyone hates them and the services the site provide. T35 also checks to make sure their advertisers are legit and lacking viruses or unacceptable content.

I'll note, however, that Excoboard uses Google Ads, and truthfully, there is no control with that system save for establishing what "kind" of ads appear on the site, text or pictures. I'll add that "vertical" advertising columns is also a bad idea, for obvious reasons.

You guys are trucking along nicely. I'll see if I can donate anything here, too. Your control panel's template modifier is very comfortable. I would suggest that you add comment tags to where sections of a blog would start for newbies, along with a reference to HTML tutorial websites, or even possibly an optional WYSIWYG editor.

Posted by daisepoe on June 22nd, 2009

You helped me get pears in my town! That is totally worth a donation! Thanks!!

Posted by astronaut on August 04th, 2009

Oh no! One of the main reasons I use Aeonity is because there are no ads. Livejournal now has ads. I don't think bBlogspot has ads, so if Aeonity did, I think many users would go to Blogspot.

I hope this doesn't happen! I know most ad-free sites are starting to add ads, and make users pay monthly to remove those ads. Why doesn't anybody do the opposite - where certain features aren't available unless a user chooses to show ads on their page (kind of like an option I guess).

I don't know.. just an idea.
I'll donate though. I hope you think of something!

Posted by anonymous on February 07th, 2010

Please help me give my children a future
good of all. I do not think the need to say my name. I want you to know yours I pray to God for the good. I do not want to bore you with my stories so as to be a very briefly. Live in a very poor country, which offers no opportunity for young married, I have 22 years, are married, have 2 children, live in rent in a studio of 18 square meters, we barely get money to pay expenses. I am firefighter in this country and I think that helps more people, but one thing I know, who will assist and help. So I hope that there is still goodness in human hearts. Please help me give my children a future. To support how small it may be ...... Paypal account. even a cent means something to me. Thanks

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