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Welcome Animal Crossing City Folk Members

Posted by on Jan 3rd, 2009 1:01:00 am - Subscribe
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For those who are unaware, I have created a post on Aeonity for gamers of Animal Crossing City Folk. The post is called: Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Code Trade. This enables users from all over the world to trade their Nintendo Wii (Animal Crossing) Friend Codes with each other.

So what can I do?
With that in mind we recommend to all Animal Crossing City Folk Members to create a blog entry so that you member account with is not removed by our automatic non-posting system. Why not enter your Animal Crossing City Folk information? That would enable you share your friend code with everyone around the world!

So basically if you do not post an entry on Aeonity, you will be removed. We apologize, but this is a way for the community to keep it's existing steady flow of active members.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them here. All creative comments are appreciated

Posted by thefragile on January 06th, 2009

cool. thanks for posting. happy.gif

Posted by ironchic on January 17th, 2009

Please add me
Town: clover
Name: rover
Code: 1118-4992-7211

I need some friends!!!

Posted by anonymous on January 17th, 2009

add me so you can visit my town

Posted by subarashii on February 14th, 2009

yo rover add me i've also added you
TOWN: wastelnd
Friendcode: 5112-8704-3143
Name: Aaron

Posted by lyndamarie on May 31st, 2009

add me please
name lynda
town aurora
code 2664-8874-4816

Posted by anonymous on October 24th, 2009


Posted by noah106 on March 15th, 2011

Heyy people i restarted my animal crossing account but heres my info
name:Noah =3<<<(optional)

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