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Date: Apr 26th, 2005 11:36:59 am - Subscribe
Mood: chaotic

hm..on Sunday Ive just came back from my short holiday. It was fun though all my body feel a bit hurtafterwards because i keep on walking during the holiday...
Well, today i got my english course, then my teacher said that he has been to Kalimantan and he said facts bout orang utan. he said that orang utan is nearly extinct because there a lot of tree being cut down so the orang utans doesnt have place to live. But then, one of my friend said " Why do you care so much about the orang utans?"
My teacher answeres " because I care about orang utans" But, my friend still very curious why my teacher feel that way about Orang Utans.
Well, actually in my opinion what my teacher thought is normal...Why she has to be very curious? How many time a day we think about " What clother you are going to wear ", " Do I really look good?", " what am I going to buy there ?" It will be a very big question too about what we think. Why do you think about that stuff instead of orang utans?
I think the answer will be the same..because I care about it.. I care about my appearance, i care about my look...and etc.What I want to ask is why is it so hard for people to have a thought about something serious? something that will destroy their believe?

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